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cyber attacks

Every now and then, we hear about the companies struggling to deal with massive cyberattacks, which leave computers crippled. Some attacks are so huge that they even affect networks in hundreds of countries worldwide. Without a doubt, cyberattacks are increasing exponentially.

Today, cyberattacks have reached epidemic extents. By 2019, the cost of various data breaches globally was expected to reach a whopping $2.1 trillion. This makes the vulnerability of cyberattacks on companies, small or big, quite evident. So, whether you are promoting something as huge as Spectrum TV choice package, you are equally vulnerable. Having a more agile approach has become mandatory.

Training Your Staff to Face Cyberattacks

With a more proactive approach, training the staff against cybercrimes has to be ensured. It may cost you a good deal. But the productivity and time lost by an organization when a cyberattack hits is insurmountable. In addition, often, companies are unable to recover the losses caused by a data breach. If you don’t want to risk the confidential data, your business, useful time, and productivity make the critical decision of training your employees!

Take advantage of the following tips.

Make Security Practices Mandatory

When it comes to cybersecurity, know that there won’t be any second chances. It’s too late when the breach has already occurred. You need to entrench the employee behavior before any such attack occurs. If you are hosting a single training session a year, it is not going to ensure effective security practices in your employees. A year’s time is ample enough to make them forget everything they have learned.

  • You need to introduce frequent and small sessions of security training in the regular workflow of your company.
  • Throwing a massive bunch of dense info in a single session is not an effective strategy.
  • Frequent and good practice has to be rote.
  • Following a disruptive link or clicking a wrong email is easy. So, begin with the basics and reinforce those using micro-learning and other proven techniques of brain science.
  • Reinforce until it becomes a second behavior of your team members.

Engage Employees in Good Security Practices

We don’t promise that these go into the category of fun learning. But it doesn’t decrease their significance. However, you can come up with gamification techniques such as gameplay, points, rewards, and leaderboards to better engage your employees.

You also need to improvise a system that helps in filling the gaps in the security knowledge of your employees. Arrange any personalized training if need be. Engagement is the key. If you are successful in engaging them effectively, they will learn, process, and remember the information better. With proactive coaching, you will be able to figure out the learning capacity of your employees.

Easily Accessible/ Searchable Knowledge Database

When your employees are unable to remember some critical piece of information, ensure delivering it more easily. Create a database that is easy to search and can answer all their queries readily. And by that database, we don’t mean an obscure file or a clunky, complex computerized file system. It has to be efficient and accessible. It shouldn’t waste any time and provide the info required for the employees to use. 

Create an accessible, fast, mobile, and easily searched database. It should be able to provide relevant answers with keywords. Looking up info should be as easy as it is on Google. Just with a few keywords. Otherwise, they will not bother.

Efficient Communication System

Cybercrime is always evolving. Every cyberattack is more refined and different than the last. When a new threat is right around the corner, don’t expect the outdated training you provided to work. You also can’t wait for the next training event either. It will be too late by then.

Therefore, come up with a way to push out pertinent info as well as refresher training to your team members instantly. A good training system can help you here. Create a line of communication for your employees. And it should be able to reach out to the whole staff immediately. This also includes the desk-less workforce. They are also a vital part of your defense.

Do not Ignore the Desk-less Employees

You may be tempted to only focus on your desk-based employees. Especially when it comes to security threats. But don’t be complacent here. Everything with an active internet connection has an evident risk and IoT could be the next security threat to your company. Therefore, ensure providing the same training to desk-less employees. Also, ensure the same repetition of info and access to them.

In my company, everyone in the hierarchy has access to the same amount of info when it comes to security threats. Even the people using Spectrum TV silver or any other cable package are under the threat. And that’s how it should be.

Cyberattacks are not going away anytime soon. Take benefit of all the aforementioned measures to reduce your exposure. Good luck!

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