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There is no doubt that work from home is shifting from what was a relatively new worldwide trend to a well-established standard of doing work, especially if your work revolves around using the computer for coding, editing, or music production. This might seem comfortable, at least initially. But remote workers soon come to realize that the comfort of working in their cozy workstations becomes taxing both mentally and physically. 

Luckily, as tech becomes more readily available, there are constant advancements in customizing our desk setups and creating a more efficient and productive workplace. What are some of the latest tech gadgets that can improve remote work?

Switch to an ultrawide monitor

The standard monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9 on a typical 1080p 24-inch panel. This has been somewhat acceptable in places like banks and schools, where there is a single program used to conduct work. However, as our tech demands grow, so does the complexity of the software used. It is frequently the case that we have to multitask using our computers, switching from business communication platforms like Slack to doing research online and reading through endless PDF documentation. 

All of this is a surefire way to cause headaches and wreak havoc on mental health while working. This is where ultrawide monitors come to the rescue, with their amazing 21:9 aspect ratio on a typical 34-inch panel and much higher resolution of 1440p. This is ideal for opening as many as three full-sized windows side by side. That is why software developers swear by the latest LG monitors because they do not have to constantly switch between windows. 

Photo by Jay Zhang on Unsplash

Look for mechanical keyboards

With the rise of competitive gaming, computer peripherals have also seen a drastic improvement. One of these changes is definitely the transition to mechanical-switch-operated keyboards as opposed to standard membrane-dome keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have also become a favorite tool among remote workers, who value fast and efficient typing, such as software engineers and writers. 

What sets mechanical keyboards apart is the mechanism behind which every keypress operates, and that is a tiny switch that offers a far more reliable and quicker input. Not only do these keyboards register better, but they also provide tactile feedback and a rather satisfying sound. Typing quicker ensures that more meaningful work is done quicker, which is great for avoiding burnout

Get an eye massager

Granted, sitting at a desk in front of a fancy computer doesn’t seem like it’s severely strenuous work because there is very little physical effort. However, there is one often overlooked muscle working really hard in this type of environment, and that is the eye and all of its musculature. There are ways to combat bad posture while sitting, by stretching out a bit or changing the desk position from sitting to standing; however, there is very little we can do for our eyes. 

Luckily, there is an amazing new eye massage tool on the market, which helps increase the circulation and blood flow around the eyes, which decreases eye strain. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it also keeps one of our most important organs working optimally in the long run. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Invest in a good camera and microphone

Video conferencing is not something that can only be seen in old sci-fi movies; now, it has become pretty much an industry standard during the pandemic. This is because more and more employees have to work from home and many jobs have to be done as part of a team. That is why it is an excellent idea to invest in a high-resolution camera used for live video calls. 

Getting a good microphone is an amazing addition as well, as your coworkers will be able to hear you better without the need to awkwardly interrupt so that you can repeat what you previously said. This is a great way to improve team collaboration while working remotely. 

Use a standing desk

There is an emerging trend of buying adjustable desks, which allow for hybrid working. It is widely accepted that sitting is the worst position to be in because it inhibits major muscle groups that we normally need during any other activity, which ultimately results in a hideous posture. Standing desks force us to assume a better posture and also burn more calories throughout the day. In addition, studies have shown that working while standing increases alertness and focus, which is a great way to be more productive while also improving overall health. 

In conclusion

Remote work is definitely a convenience if it is modified to better suit our mental and physical health. Luckily, there are a plethora of cool gadgets out there that can help us with that. The numerous benefits include a superior viewing experience on ultrawide monitors, faster and more reliable input with mechanical keyboards, taking care of our eyes with gadgets, better video conferencing equipment, and the health perks of using standing desks.

Featured Image credits: Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

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