Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

Over-the time deadline, daily increasing targets, hectic workload, financial pressure leading to emotionally drained, physically exhausted people. The moment you start feeling anxious and deprived for a couple of days, that quickly triggers you to take off from your daily routine. Instead, why can’t that happen before the water overflows the jar! Pre-realization would make the things far better than it would be. 

What does burnout mean?

Burnout is an occupational deprived condition resulting from the chronic workplace and is a state of emotional, physical and mental imbalance. If the chronic stress is not being managed successfully, it would diligently last for a longer period of time and you may soon start feeling fatigued, insomniac, isolated, depressed, stressed, unproductive, demotivated, etc. 

It is usually classified with five phases:

1. First phase: 

In the first phase, we are highly productive and enthusiastic. We take up to new challenges and work effectively. This phase should be managed with all positive energy to take our mental health highly into consideration. 

2. Second phase: 

In this phase, you feel optimistic at one moment but on the very next moment, you are frustrated. Heart palpitations with the feeling of fatigue deteriorate your quality of sleep.

3. Third phase: 

This is a severe condition of chronic stress and anxiety. Your scale slows down from motivation to demotivation within a short span of time. This results in increased alcohol/ caffeine consumption and more procrastination for your work.

4. Fourth phase: 

This is the phase where burnout occurs. You can witness your behavioural changes, negativity, isolation, insomnia, loss of appetite, fear, self-doubt. These symptoms are likely to affect your mental well-being on a large scale.

5. Fifth phase: 

This phase straightaway affects your physique and emotions. You are likely to get weak and feel depressed, alone, and helpless.

Understanding the drastic effects of burnout and in case you might be experiencing it, let’s quickly jump to the solutions:

#1: Change your perspective

We often have the tendency to view the world with our own unique perspective. Sometimes our perspective turns out to be an absolute pessimistic. 

Everything around us seems to be incorrect. You start feeling defeatist and gloom-ridden. That time simply changes the focus and looks upon the things that matter to you the most. 

The changed direction and the silver-lining coming from inside out, makes you heal and feel better and better.

#2: Rejuvenate yourself

I have heard many people talking about their bucket list energetically. But rare of them are able to complete the list. Ideally, it is not possible to complete our never-ending demands and wishlist. But in reality, it is possible to make ourselves feel valued and happy. 

Try to rejuvenate yourself by going outdoors on a vacation, or reading a book and chilling at your home. Define your activity that suits your mind and body the best, and take some time out for each. 

#3: Prefer power-naps

It is scientifically proven that power naps of 15-20 minutes work the best for your memory. It helps to boost your cognitive abilities, creative skills and sharpens your mind. During office hours, many of them are habitual of taking tea/coffee breaks. 

Instead, take one break for your power- nap. It works better than caffeine and gives you improved results. Not only this, it helps you to improve your overall sleep- cycle and never let you feel insomniac.

#4: Take a break from electronic devices

Social media has worsened the condition like never before. As every segment of work is related to the use of technology and smart devices, we are more prone to get frequent headaches and other structural health issues. 

Media break is proven to be an improved source of motivation and health. As soon as you don’t urge to view the message being popped on your screen, you are on the verge of feeling better. Set your “Do-not-disturb” alert alarm at least once in a day.

#5: Set your defined boundaries

This clearly points out knowing your limits and capabilities. It is advisable to push yourself every day for a better version but something happening extreme would be critical. The same way you set your boundaries for others to behave in a particular way is the same way you do for yourself. 

Prioritize your daily activities and never let anyone make you feel inferior. Make your own do’s and don’ts where you won’t be affected on what others have to say.

#6: Stay physically fit

Physical activities making it regular would strengthen your bones and muscles. Eventually, you lead a happy and healthier life. You can practice morning meditation and yoga. Spirituality is the best answer to all your problems. 

Concentrate on such activities and define a certain set of attributes that would add on to your physical activities. Some of them prefer to dance, Zumba, martial arts, trekking, walking, cycling, swimming, etc as their go-to activities. Do what you love the best! 

#7: Eat healthy and timely

Many a time, due to the overburden of targets and meeting the deadlines, you skip your meals or delay them. This results in health issues and you are likely to lose your appetite. Eat healthier and on time. 

If you can’t find time for your lunch/ dinner, eat some healthy fruits, dried fruits, refreshments, etc. But never work starving. Consider eating a healthy diet and try not to consume junk foods more often.

#8: Assign time to your hobbies

When you feel low, you dance, sing, or play around. The only thing that can make you feel worthy is your hobby. Your creative mindset is far better when you perform the activity that you love the most. 

Give time to your hobbies or build up any. No effort goes into vain. One day, you can convert your hobby into a profession or simply can be extra productive with your work. A hobby can never let you lose yourself rather it imbibes lots of positive energy.

#9: Well-plan your activities

Those who have a habit of keeping their self-diary are the people well-planned with their activities. They know the importance of planning and scheduling their work in advance. This simplifies the chaos and you no longer are termed as ‘clumsy’. 

Schedule your time-span for each of your activities and start working according to it. You yourself will witness immense changes and self-gratitude. 

Likewise, if the condition is extreme and you no longer are able to deal on your own, consult a professional help and guidance. Because in such cases, only experts can understand the symptoms guiding you for the right!

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