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Digipro Marketers has a publishing platform that allows you to promote your product or service at a very reasonable cost.

You’ve got the following options to Advertise and promote your product or service at DigiPro Marketers:

Get Featured on the front page

Get your content featured on the front page to gain maximum visibility, only for 60 USD Per month. ( 2 USD per day )

Ad Space

Get an ad space at DigiPro Marketers blog( not on the front page), only for 30 USD Per month. ( 1 USD per day)

Brand Mention

Get a brand mention on existing (already indexed into Google!) [ 15 USD ]

Content from our Experts

Get a 900 – 1,000-word article written for you by our team of experts [ 29 USD ]

Guest Post in Sponsored Category

Do it on Your Own. It means you write the essay 900- 1000 words [ 9 USD ]

Benefits to Advertise on DigiPro Marketers

  • We have over 1,00000 people subscribed on various platforms (RSS, Linkedin, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • We get over 10,000 page views per month, which include traffic from SEO, Social Media, Paid Campaigns, etc. thus, your brand or business can gain visibility.
  • We have a vast network and coverage reaching out to a population of 132 countries.
  • Your post gets promoted on our social media network.
DigiPro Marketers reach
DigiPro Marketers Reach

How To Advertise on DigiPro Marketers

We have three step procedure to get you started :

1. Fill the Product Description form

2. Select the service and make payment


3. Please wait for our reply over the email