Great websites are built with the best Content Management System. This is true for websites which are developed by an easy-to-install Content Management System or CMS called WordPress.

When it comes to the cost of building a WordPress website, there’s a lot to think about including domain name and web hosting company in usa service based on your situation, also you can pay extra cost price as per the additional tools and setup service.

Currently, the global favourite amongst website builders in WordPress. Such sites are power-packed with superb features and functionalities. At least one-third of the sites are created with WordPress primarily due to its immense flexibility.

The minimum charge for a website developed with a standard and customized WordPress theme is $5000.The prices soar based on the robustness of the site. The more customized features you want to add, the more is the price you need to pay to the designers and coding experts of the WordPress development company.

Why WordPress When Free Site Building Software is Available?

There are several website building software which is free over the Internet, but it is advisable to choose WordPress with all its pricing cost. Free software may apparently create sites that come with great visual effects on the home page but is that enough?

No, because sites are considered to be great only when they enjoy the greatest of functionalities. So, do not get duped by great looks. Think deep and consider building the website with stunning customized features of WordPress.

The Break –Up of Price for WordPress Powered Sites

WordPress is open-source software that is it can be accessed easily and downloaded by developers and amateurs free of cost to build up a website.

But is it absolutely free? The answer is in negative because WordPress site development comes with many hidden costs. The pricing of WordPress site can be categorized under the following segments:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • WordPress Design
  • External Plugins and Extensions

Before price analysis of the segments (mentioned above) choosing a WordPress plan is crucial. There are two options– you can choose plans from If you choose from .com option you do not need to pay extra money for a domain name, hosting provider and other segments. But plans from entail extra cost. You need to purchase services from third-party website hosting, domain name and plugins providers

You can choose whm cpanel reseller hosting to start your wordpress hosting service as you add more features to your website to start and increase.

The WordPress Site Development Price Structure

Website Hosting Price – On a monthly basis you need to pay money ranging in between $5 to $350, depending on the hosting service chosen. Shared hosting costs $5 to $30 whereas VPS hosting costs $50 to $350. In case of dedicated hosting, the price is impressively high- you have to count dollars in thousands.

Domain Name Registration Price – If you opt for registering a domain name with the selected hosting provider, then the cost will be included within the hosting service plan. You have to pay $10 to $30 for purchasing URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your site.

WordPress Design Price – Out of the innumerable design themes available on WordPress themes library some are absolutely free. But for more advanced and eye-appealing themes the price can touch $50,000.

Plugins & Extensions Price – These are small coded programs which add extra functionality to WordPress developed sites like Yoast SEO which is meant for optimizing every single web page of site on SERPs and Mail Chimp which acts as an email marketing software. There are countless other plugins. The price can be low or high based on the functional benefits provided by the plugin to the site. It ranges in between $35 to $1600 generally.


Cost varies from business to business, from simple to advanced site, and from basic content-based site to large eCommerce portal. Thus there is no standard price structure. But to get premium value for money, get in touch with the professional designers and developers of WordPress support services organization and launch a dream website in quick time. 

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