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Laravel vs Spring

Web apps are popping up everywhere! And the world seems to be craving for more, no two ways about it! Every business irrespective of its niche whether it’s a small-scale, mid-sized, or large scale thinks of creating a strong online presence through a website or web apps even before it is commenced. The demand is significantly growing and these are the moments one must certainly milk for or else he might have a lot to lose!

Of course, the following post doesn’t just emphasize the importance of developing web apps but also which web frameworks to consider while developing one. At present, Laravel and Spring frameworks are pretty much in demand especially when it comes to using a lightweight framework for building web applications. So before we proceed with the Laravel vs Spring framework, let us take a bit of a detour and learn more about the rising era of web apps.

The Rise of Web Apps

Web browsers have become a little bit outdated, now it’s time to jump into the web app development bandwagon if you want to make a strong online presence. What are web applications or what is a web app? Well, for starters they are products created using the current and emerging digital technology.

These applications can be used on your smartphone with the help of an internet browser. Native apps are limited to Android and iOS platforms whereas a web app can be used on all mobile devices and desktops. Do you know what’s one of the basic differences between a website and a web application? One is just meant to pass the information while the other is interactive. Fortunately, web applications fall in the latter category.

Why the sudden rise in the web application development space? Well, because these products excel at three aspects: reliability, speed, and engagement. No wonder the future of web app development seems to be pretty much bright so it’s the best time when you must consider conducting a development project by seeking assistance from a reputable development company.

Now the first and foremost thing to consider even before conducting a web development project is which PHP framework to choose. Of course, there are several popular names to take into account such as Laravel, Yii, CodeIgnitor, Spring, CakePHP, etc but among all Laravel and Spring framework excels at creating a comfortable development process. Not to mention that these two fall among Java developers’ favorite categories across the globe. So without any further ado, let’s get started knowing these web frameworks.

Meet Laravel and Spring Frameworks

As mentioned above there are lots of web frameworks available for a backend developer, but most of them end up choosing Laravel and Spring to develop web applications. Here’s why!

Laravel Framework is an open-source excellent documented framework that was developed in 2011. In no time the PHP framework had gained popularity due to its enormous amount of features like server-side routing, HTML authentication, Model-view-controller architectural pattern, and the list goes on.

Among all the PHP frameworks, Laravel is one such name that has the potential to carry out different tasks such as authentication, caching, conducting sessions, and routing seamlessly. Also, the web framework makes deployment easy.

The Blade template engine is quite powerful in comparison to other available options around. Also,  this particular feature makes the web development process more flexible and scalable.

Another aspect is Eloquent ORM, whether to address crucial integrations or interact with databases, developers find the framework less time-consuming. Again the model view controller featured in Laravel leads to high-end performance and enhanced security.  Barchart and  Neighborhood Lender are created using the Laravel Framework. 

Whereas Spring framework on the other hand is a lightweight, aspect-oriented programming framework that not just supports integration tests but also offers object-relational mapping to develop enterprise apps, multiple file uploading functions, interactive website layouts, and so forth.

The Spring family is often known as Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, Spring MVC modules are meant to create such an environment to develop enterprise-grade applications, web apps, production-ready Java apps, complex and large projects, etc. Spotify and Netflix are created using Spring Framework  

Since its inception in 2003, Spring has created a fanbase of its own! Also, it has a strong ecosystem of its own. The Spring boot provides high-end infrastructural support and makes it easier for developers to create apps featuring web containers and web artisans. Since Spring Family is highly recommendable for security purposes, strong authentication and authorization can be expected. Above all, for seamless data integration, the Spring framework has a JDBC module, a Spring transaction management module, and multiple app modules.  

Choosing the right framework in the first place can assist you well in focusing on your core tasks instead of the bottlenecks associated with them. So further below I would like to mention which one of these is advisable for your development project. Laravel vs Spring, let the game begin!

Laravel Vs Spring  – Time to Delve into a Detailed Comparison

Even though they are two distant backend frameworks, Laravel vs Spring is often spoken about and discussed among the web fraternity. As a result, many of you get into the dilemma of which one’s better among both the PHP frameworks.  So here’s the precise answer for you!

1 . Based on App Architecture

Unlike the Spring framework, the app architecture of Laravel chooses the MVC pattern. So what happens is, it becomes extremely easy for developers to carry out the process pretty much with ease. Here both frontend and backend developers can work simultaneously without interrupting each other’s work. Also, the MVC pattern enables these programmers to have full control over the development process.

Whereas Spring supports high-end modularity in regards to code container, data integration, and web container. Of course, the app architecture isn’t limited to this, it also supports testing, Messaging, and Aspect-Oriented Programming.

2. Performance

When it comes to performance, the Spring framework featuring spring boot, and spring cloud has an upper hand. Not to mention that there is a wide range of libraries and tools available, so developers can easily end up creating user-friendly apps that are best even in regards to performance.

Whereas Laravel framework can offer better performance only if everything is properly optimized. With cache tags, a faster response time can be achieved resulting in enhanced performance.

3. Scalability 

Another crucial aspect to consider when looking out for an ideal framework is scalability. And there is no shadow of a doubt that Laravel has an upper hand when it comes to scalability. Since it’s a PHP-based framework, scalability comes in its genes. All one requires to have is a good database and load balancer, and nothing seems to be impossible for a Laravel developer.

By considering the spring family, applications can be quite scalable as it has the potential to execute requests faster. Not only this, the downtime is pretty much reduced.

So when to choose Spring?

  • If there is a situation where you need to combine multiple components
  • If you are capable of a steep learning curve
  • If you want to reduce the time to market

So when to Choose Laravel Framework?

  • If you want to build interactive website layouts
  • Develop a faster app with object-oriented libraries
  • Creating SEO-friendly and reliable web apps featuring excellent documents

Final thoughts – Who is the winner? 

Frankly speaking, in the world of software development, there are no silver bullets. Your decision to choose either Laravel or Spring should be based on your needs and requirements and not driven by any other context.

Both frameworks possess benefits that are difficult to not pay attention to. So it is advisable to seek assistance from a reputable web development company that carries an intense amount of experience and assists in gaining fame at a global scale through your developed modern apps.

In case you have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below. Feel free to give your feedback in the comment section. Also don’t forget to give a rating to the article. I might include your suggestions in the article.

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