Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

“The finish of an era”… that is the title Microsoft used to report it will quit supporting Flash in their internet browsers. Following fashion, Google also announced that it would not index flash content anymore. 

Everyone was once a massive admirer of Flash, but as time passes, we saw the better alternatives to flash.

Flash was able to fill the void in static web and started creating dynamic content that was filled with animation, media, and rich text.

It was a product innovation that roused various new substance makers on the internet. It was all over the place. The Flash runtime, which plays Flash substance, was introduced 500 million times in the other 50% of 2013. 

I can recall my friends playing an endless number of Flash games and ignoring me for a while. Now the time has changed, and my friends too ignore flash games because they got better alternatives like HTML5, JQUERY, ANGULARJS, etc. 

Google Search will quit supporting Flash in the not so distant future. In Web pages that contain Flash substance, Google Search will overlook the Flash substance. Google Search will stop indexing and listing independent SWF documents. Most clients and sites won’t perceive any effect from this change. 

WHY Flash was a success before 

Flash use in publicizing and web-based games were progressively regular. It was also used to create animation on most of the websites. There were a few purposes behind utilizing Flash as components of a Website. 

1. Cross-program similarity 

Flash is program autonomous. It has no issues with cross-program similarity. You don’t need to stress over your HTML and CSS code being translated diversely in various programs. For whatever length of time that the Flash player module is introduced on the client’s PC, s/he will have the option to view Flash substance without any issues. 

2. Picture Replacement for Special Fonts 

Flash can be utilized to supplant content components on HTML Web pages with Flash reciprocals. This picture substitution system is called Scalable Inman Flash Replacement. 

3. Intuitiveness 

Flash bolsters sound, activity, and propelled video taking care of and intelligence. Flash is vector-based; however, it permits the joining of bitmaps where required. Flash applications can gather information, internet games, input structures, photograph slide appear, sound, motion pictures, diagrams, shopping baskets, and diverse web applications that server-side contents can do. Flash innovation made it conceivable to enhance the Website increasingly intuitively and expressive. 

4. Better Expression Through Animation 

Flash is vector based and subsequently a lightweight alternative for movement with littler record size rather than genuine motion picture documents that are raster-based with a lot bigger document size. With Flash, you can express something to a guest in a progressively proficient and alluring manner. 

The Reasons it flopped.

Flash is an integral asset for conveying activity, games, shopping baskets, vector illustrations, and audio effects. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have to make your whole Website in Flash. On the off chance that you do, you will be at a severe hindrance. An All-Flash Website is not a smart thought. It postures difficulties for Search Engine rankings, availability, and ease of use. A blend of Flash and HTML works very well sometimes, where Flash is installed inside the Website and not being merely the Website. 

Building an All-Flash Website isn’t right. Putting away your substance in a Flash film isn’t right. The site route in Flash isn’t right. The inconveniences supersede every one of the advantages of the Flash in SEO and convenience. 

1. Plugin Dependency

Flash Websites require introducing the Flash player module.

Try not to expect that everybody will do so to see your Website. Likewise, numerous clients, including myself, impair Flash as a matter, of course, to keep away from vivified publicizing and to improve page-stacking speed. 

2. Openness and Usability are Impaired 

Openness is a worry with Flash. Except if appropriately coded, most Flash Websites need elective content and can be hard for screen perusers. Clients can’t scale the content text dimension. The back and forward program catches don’t work, except if you include additional code. Bookmarking inward pages isn’t regular in Flash, except if you include the best possible system, just the first page is bookmarked.

Flash is incorporated into the Web program as an independent during runtime. This implies all alternate console ways, and the logical menu is lost until you click outside of the Flash territory. 

3. Most Mobiles Can’t Read Flash 

Most cell phones, particularly Apple-based gadgets, for example, iPhone and BlackBerry telephones, don’t show Flash Websites. With a developing number of individuals utilizing their cell phones for internet perusing, making your Website in Flash will successfully keep your versatile clients out. For instance, an iPod Touch, you will get No Flash. The internet is gradually winding up progressively versatile unmistakable. It is a market that can’t be overlooked. 

4. Website streamlining 

Web index robots can’t record pictures. Robots experience difficulty adhering to joins that are not standard HTML joins. That is the reason an All-Flash Website is consistently off guard with regards to SEO. Web indexes experience serious difficulties slithering and appropriately ordering the substance of Flash Websites. 

Particularly the instance of an all-Flash Website as a separate document. Web crawlers are not ready to guide clients to the best possible pages inside that document, nor they would have the option to peruse your substance and what pictures and connections you have. This may bring about a reduction in web crawler positioning. The right method to utilize a Flash film in a Web page is to have another HTML fallback and to use JavaScript to embed Flash motion pictures powerfully. Shockingly, many Flash designers will benefit in general dismissal availability and SEO. 

5. Longer Loading Time 

Regardless of the High-Speed Internet administration accessible these days, there are as yet numerous clients utilizing dial-up Internet access and other constrained Internet associations. Glimmer substance takes longer than expected to load contrasted with standard HTML Websites. The heavier your Flash substance is, the slower the Web page will load, and this may make a few guests leave. Obviously, for this situation, it doesn’t make a difference how noteworthy your Website looks if the guest doesn’t sit tight for it to stack. It is, in every case, better to keep away from over the top utilization of Flash in a Website. 

6. Flash doesn’t Display in Search Engine Previews 

Some web indexes give a review alternative by query items. The review enables a client to show signs of improvement thought of what’s in store in the objective Website before visiting it. For example, Google has the Instant Previews highlight, which shows you a visual see of your list items. The impact of an all-Flash Website can be found in the accompanying picture. 

The utilization of HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 can likewise supplant numerous unpredictable Flash activity, drawing, and intelligence. These can be joined with JavaScript to make increasingly complex intuitiveness, which at that point replaces ActionScript. 

Additional Reference 

Google Has Announced That It Will Stop Supporting Flash ….

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