Many SEO Experts Recommend Using Google Search Console, But Why?

What is the Google search console? Isn’t that thing we search on for cat pictures?


Google Search Console is a platform from Google (Duh) that helps you control and troubleshoot your website’s presence in their search results.

Use it to submit your sitemap, fix technical errors, and discover your backlinks.

You may be asking how this tool can help?

Here is How:

It provides you with tons of data essential for SEO, stuff like the keywords your website ranks for, the position you rank in for those keywords.

Also, the tool provides information, including how often users are clicking your result after searching for specific queries, and the backlinks for your content.

Best of all, it’s free!

You see, I didn’t mention all the features, and it still great for SEO!

Do you still want to know more about Google search console to grow your business?

Do you want to know How Google Search Console can improve your SEO?

Here is how:

First of all, you should set up your account to get started.

With all the features google search console provides, you should know how to improve your ranking depending on this data.

I will show you how:

– Google Search Console contains many of the essential data you’ll need to depend on for SEO.

One of the best is the keywords that your page ranks for.

Find what keywords your website ranks for and make your changes depending on the provided info.

– There are two types of sitemaps:

XML & HTML sitemap.

If there are problems with the sitemaps you submitted to Google (XML), that may cause issues and confuse crawlers. 

It drives you to waste your time on their end, and can also cause them to index the incorrect URLs in some cases.

The good news is, XML Sitemap tells Google where to find essential content on your website, and how your content can be crawled.

And when you add a new blog, content, or any further link to your website, google search console allows you to index new links immediately!

 On the other hand, you can fix sitemap issues.

– Google Search Console gives you information about which content is working.

By working, I mean what content gets the most backlinks and traffic.

That means that you know what content your audience likes, so consider creating similar content to get higher rankings on SERP.

Back to the backlinks:

Backlinks are an essential ranking factor. 

Google has told us this on many events, and we also noticed a clear positive correlation between organic search traffic and backlinks.


Correlation does not imply causation.

So, making more extra backlinks to your content should be an advantage if you want more traffic.

But what kind of content should you write to attract backlinks? And what issues should you talk about?

The most useful way to answer this problem is to learn from the content you’ve already written.

Another technique you can do by finding the pages that need internal links and optimizing.

Imagine that you’re writing a new page about SEO.

If you previously have a blog post about website visibility for SEO and another about high Off-Page SEO, it would make sense to add internal links from those two blog posts to your new page.

There are two advantages to this:

  • They may promote your new page get indexed quicker.
  • They will increase page rank to the new page.

After Google launched the Mobile-First Indexing, it’s necessary more than ever to make your website mobile-friendly.

By now, you should click on the mobile usability option and look to find if there are any errors.

– See which country users are clicking the most.

When you find out that most clicks are coming from the USA, “for example.”

The next step should be either optimizing your content for the USA or change your content strategy to target another country.

In case your target audience is from another region.


Click-through rate tells you what percentage of the people who have seen your website in the search results clicked through to your site. 

You probably agree that higher rankings mostly also drive your website to higher click-through rates.

Security issues

Google has declared they have added an option in the new Google Search Console for “security issues.”

This part will let you know if Google detects any security issues with your site, including hacked URLs, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, etc.

Optimize pages with low CTR

Not each page that ranks high will get tons of clicks. 

You may be asking yourself how to improve the CTR?

We can find the pages that work worse than average, investigate why that’s the case, and then see if there’s a way to increase their CTR to get more page views.

To do this, go to the “Search results” report, toggle the average CTR, then filter for keywords with average rankings.

See Users Interaction with Your Results

Google Search Console provides two essential metrics: 

Total impressions and total clicks

Total impressions tell you the whole number of times someone viewed your search results through the chosen period.

Total clicks tell you the number of times some user clicks on your search results through the selected period. When you first see the report about performance, the data presented in this part is data for your whole website. 

But you can click the “Pages” tab and pick a specific page, and the report refreshes to display the data for that particular page in your site so you can know the exact interaction with each page.

You can know How Many Pages Are Indexed in Google

Using Google Search Console, you can view correctly how many pages of your site Google has indexed.

What are you waiting for?

Go and use this great tool to grow your business better!

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