Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

The online business world is highly competitive! Everyone wants to get the top rank in the search engine results. It helps businesses to get noticed by their potential customers. And that, in turn, leads to increased organic traffic and better conversions.

SEO plays a vital role in your online business success! Many secret tactics are available to make your website page “perfect” to be changed upon and indexed by Google. However, it is here that marketers need to take some time and put invaluable thoughts. Google sure is searching for the apt outcome for all the searches. However, not many marketers today understand that Google also wants to do away with everything that is attempting to surpass the algorithm by being consciously “perfect.”  With every passing day, Google is trying to exclude all kinds of inauthenticity. To know more on this, you can check out

Reasons why Google is against SEO perfection

Google’s ultimate objective is to allow online users to get what they are searching for. The online users act as both the product and the audience for Google.  Today, Google needs users who will keep on using search services, for it to successfully sell users’ information.

Without an excellent organic experience that comprises of optimizing the web pages at the highest speed quality and pleasant user experience – the online viewers will move elsewhere.  Your brand with its service and product can sure be the answer to the problems of a select customer group. But you need to carry out the process authentically, else Google will detect your manipulative ways and penalize your site. If you have been fretting this, discussed below are two essential ways to combat this effectively.

1. Rejecting every mediocre backlink that you have

If you are not aware, the practice of backlinking is where other websites link to your site. It is estimated that Google counts all these links as a sign of authenticity. It helps to get better domain authority, and your site is deemed to be of good quality. However, just in case a low-quality site links with you, then it will negatively impact you. And it will hurt your online reputation and the search engine ranking.

Many brands and businesses only concentrate on the best links. And similar to keyword stuffing, it might appear to be excellent. But to attain all perfect links will make you take on a whole new struggle. You need mull over a fundamental question here – “Which website comes up with just the excellent backlinks?”

And if there is one such site, then it might appear slightly doubtful. Google is ace in sensing and detecting the gaming, engineering, and every forgery that might be present at the back of a perfect backlinking strategy for a few websites.

The solution

Are you wondering what could be the best solution here? It is to be able to develop a profile that looks natural with several types of links. It can be a blend of good quality and mediocre links. That way, it seems logical and credible. If you want you can resort to Moz Link Explore, SEMrush and various other third-party tools for attaining appropriate visibility in your social media profile.

Hence, it is always beneficial to remove all the “bad” links that might take your site reputation down. But don’t reject a mediocre or an average link as well as guest blogs. Just be sure that they don’t act against your website objective and reputation.

2. The practice of keyword stuffing

You need to make use of relevant keywords for increasing your rank in the search engines. The online marketers spend quality time researching and coming up with words that the customers and online users use when they write their online searches. They create content based on these search terms and add the same in the article title, the body copy, and also the H1 tags. It is a critical practice that shouldn’t be missed under any circumstance.

Trouble happens when you go to an extreme with this practice. Some SEO professionals still believe in the old logic i.e., to make use of keywords increasingly in the content body. But you need to think logically here! Does a keyword have space in an article organically, without looking forced for more than a few times? So, when you get overzealous, you make the mistake of keyword stuffing, which destroys the natural flow of your article or blog post.

Google doesn’t think from the perspective of a brand! It feels the way the end users think. It tries to analyze your content that way an end user would after doing an online search. Google is penalizing the brands that are applying each keyword possible in every place imaginable.

The solution

The solution here is simple! You sure do need your keywords, but you shouldn’t be using them in excess. Keyword stuffing is not the way to smart SEO or increased search engine links. But how should you execute this practice in action? The ideal way is to first finish writing your content, and then stop thinking from a writer’s perspective for a while. Think of the consumers who would read your article and will make a decision. The article has a distinctive objective and intention. Based on that intention, you need to fix your keywords and add them in places where it looks natural. Avoid any force additions that might spoil that seamless flow of the article.

That aside, you can always make the grammatical checks and ensure your article is error free. The secret trick is to see if your article is being able to narrate a story. Also, ask yourself if the article would be of a specific value to the audience. If you feel yes, then Google also will find this useful. Never mind if you haven’t added the keywords to the desired frequency.

Hence, to conclude, you should know that you shouldn’t be serving Google blindly. You need to take a look at your content and check whether the keyword insertions make sense or not. You might have a brilliant article with three keyword insertions, which defies the rule of keyword stuffing but has great reader value. That is what will work for you.

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