As far as the saving of YouTube videos on your mobile device is concerned, Vidmate app download install new version is something that you cannot avoid. The videos that are downloaded from YouTube are of the highest quality. Apart from this in order to make the video content easily accessible to the audience, they are further classified as trending, coming soon and popular ones. In addition, the YouTube downloader allows you to pause, resume, stop or break during the process of the download. Since the process of downloading takes place at the background you can use the apps at the same time.

After the installation, you need to launch the YouTube Android downloading app, then click on the interface to open YouTube. Once you open the video you would see the download button on the lower right-hand corner. Once you click on the download button you would see the video saving resolution. Once you select the resolution you are provided with a choice of downloading the video as per the specified format of your choice.

Once you click on download the process of downloading starts straight away and you can see the downloading status on the top right-hand corner. In case if you are looking to select SD card as the download location, just proceed on to the download section and click on the storage section below the window.


Once we tend to be outside, we tend to keep a mobile phone in our pocket because the computer might be large to carry around. If you are addicted to YouTube it does make sense to download the videos directly on to your device so that you can watch them offline at times. But the difficult aspect is that there is no official app that is available so as to download the YouTube videos directly on your device. In spite of that, there are a handful of apps that can go on to do this and InsTube is a user-friendly and a light-hearted app that has evoked a lot of positive response among the users.

This Android YouTube downloader app supports video downloading from a host of sites. With this app in hand, you can go on to download videos of HD or UHD resolution that has the highest downloading speed on your device even if you have a low internet connection. As far as the usage of the app is concerned it is similar to the other apps but with some small differences.


This is a popular app where you can obtain videos directly from the YouTube platform. The interface of this app is easy and convenient. In a way, the interface can be compared with YouTube. With the help of this app, you can save videos on to your mobile phone without wasting your data plan over and over again. At the same speed, multiple videos can be downloaded at the same time. Even it is possible to download subtitles of the videos.

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