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Blog quantity can be just as important as blog quality

Running a blog in 2024 is no easy task. At any given moment there are hundreds, if not thousands of other bloggers looking to target the same audience you are. This creates a saturated market where each blogger attempts to stand out from the rest and make their brand a household name.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your blog stand out in 2024 and get trending. Let’s examine some of these tips and how you can incorporate them into your blog.

Why Blogging is Still Relevant in 2024

Before looking at different ways to enhance your blog, it is worth discussing why blogging is still relevant in 2024. After all, the digital market landscape is always evolving, and many marketers struggle to know what will work next year or even next month. So why has the interest in blogs persisted over all these years?

The simple answer is that blogging remains one of the most cost effective ways to promote a brand. While many small businesses can pay for expensive ads on major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, others may be interested in building up their following organically.

In addition to this, creating and maintaining an optimized blog can earn you a high amount of traffic along with high conversion rates. This makes blogging an essential part of most important digital marketing strategies.

There are many ways to get your blog to stand out in 2024. Some of these are core blogging principals while others are more innovative tips to get your blog trending.

1. Focus on Vital Blogging Tasks

Many people assume that blogging is simply about writing down your thoughts on a topic of interest. While this is true to a certain extent, running a professional blog requires focus in some key areas.

This includes:

  • SEO
  • Topics
  • Content Structure
  • Brand Name and Website URL
  • Email subscribers
  • Social Media Promotion

Each of these areas requires plenty of focus, so blog post writers spend ample time working on each one. For example, Google’s SEO rules are constantly changing, so bloggers must adapt their content to fit with the latest SEO trends if they wish to maintain or improve their rankings.

Similarly, your choice of topics may also affect the amount of traffic your blog receives. Working on a trending topic creates the risk of it getting lost in the sea of similar content. Conversely, working on a lesser discussed topic creates the risk of your content not being found due to low search interest.

2. Choose the Right Content Type

Blogging is typically associated with written word content. However, blogs in 2024 feature a diverse range of content such as:

  • Live video
  • Recorded video content
  • Podcasts
  • Paid promotions from various brands
  • Special offers along with downloads

As a blogger, you may not be familiar with creating these content types. However, it may help to learn more about them as they can boost your SEO and blog traffic significantly. Video content is especially useful as certain website visitors may find it strenuous to read through long passages of text and would rather sit back and absorb that information delivered via video.

Similarly, podcasts cater to the segment of your audience that would like to listen to your content while they are performing other tasks or are on-the-go. This type of content also keeps your audience engaged for longer, which can help  towards building up a dedicated follower base.

3. Add Interactive Media

Many bloggers have begun adding interactive media to their blogs. These could be quizzes, surveys, polls, or even apps and games. This interactive media boosts the amount of time users spend on your page, which can improve your SEO. In addition to this, some visitors may return to interact with this media in the future.

Adding interactive media to your blog could also improve your conversion rate, as people are more likely to trust a website they have spent an ample amount of time on.

4. Use Data to your Advantage

Bloggers should also monitor their blog’s performance using different analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Some important metrics to observe include:


Many would consider traffic to be the most important metric for a website. However, this metric won’t tell you much about your blog’s success, other than that many people are visiting it. If your web traffic is low, it may indicate a poor SEO ranking, or the need for paid advertising. However, pageviews may help you determine which of your blog posts were most popular, and you can gauge visitor interest about certain topics using this metric.

Average Time Spent on Pages

Another useful metric is “average time on page”. This metric tells you how long a visitor spent on a particular page before leaving your site or moving onto a different section. This can be useful when determining if visitors are actually reading your content or not. If the average time on page is low, it may indicate poor quality content or content that is structured in a manner that makes it difficult to read.

Returning Visitors

The “returning visitors” metric tells you what percentage of your page views were from people that have visited your website in the past. A high percentage of returning visitors indicates you are writing consistent and informative content that is making you an authority in your niche.

If there is no data related to returning visitors in your blog metrics, it may indicate that no returning visitors are coming to your site. You may need to revamp your content strategy by creating more informative blogs written in a tone that fits your target audience.

5. Post More Blogs More Frequently

Blog writers spend plenty of time focusing on the quality of their blogs. However, the reality is that blog quantity can be just as important as quality. Increasing the frequency with which you post blogs on your site will almost always increase your web traffic too.

This may come as a shock to many writers, as it was previously believed that writing long blog posts was the key to gaining more traffic through SEO. However, it is also important to remember to keep up writing quality when posting more blogs. Google still places much emphasis on content quality, and a dip in different quality metrics could worsen your SEO significantly.

Therefore, bloggers should formulate a strategy in which they post more blogs more frequently, but without sacrificing on quality. One approach may be to write multiple small blogs, as the total amount of content will be the same as one long blog post.

It may also help to create a consistent posting schedule for your content, such as two blogs per week. This can also help you build up a regular audience as visitors will know when they can expect the piece of content from you.

As you can see, there are many different ways to make your blog stand out in 2024. The strategies mentioned above are no secret, and there are likely many different bloggers and blog writing services using them at this very moment. However, you can still make your blog stand out from the rest with enough effort and perseverance.

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