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With growing competition each day, brands need to up their game to overshadow their competitors. Currently, social media caters over 3.5 billion users daily. This makes social media platforms an extremely valuable marketing platform. It can help us reach such massive user-count with very fewer efforts and expenditure. 

Among these multiple social media platforms is Instagram, it is used by over 500 million active users. This is why using Instagram for your brand can prove to be quite a good move. You don’t have to go for huge investments, a little time and efforts for embedding your Instagram widgets to your website should be able to help you.

What is Instagram Widget?

An Instagram Widget is a widget that lets you integrate your Instagram feed with your business website. You can pull in images and videos from Instagram using your brand hashtag or account handle and then embed it on your website. You can do this with many social media aggregator tools available in the market. It can definitely help you a lot with your brand’s marketing strategies. 

Instagram widget

It basically uses user-generated content (UGC) for promotions. This means that they use the content that is posted by the masses with your brand hashtag or account handle. This increases the credibility and reliability of your brand.

Why you should embed Instagram Widget on Business Website?

Whenever somebody reaches a website, they expect something beautiful and engaging to keep them interested in the website. Embedding an Instagram widget can totally accomplish the goal of making your website more attractive to the users.

There are multiple other aspects that embedding Instagram Widget on a business website can help with. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. User Engagement

Instagram Widget deals with visuals. Visuals are eye-catching and pretty. This encourages your website traffic to engage themselves with it. When they see other users being featured on your website, they themselves might start posting content with your products to get featured as well.

2. Brand Awareness

When people post about their brand on their social media, their followers look at those posts. Similarly, they might like your brand and posts themselves. This way they reach of your brand increases more than your target audience. Maybe everybody doesn’t go ahead and use your products but it does help in spreading brand awareness. 

3. Higher Sales and Conversion Rate

When people are more aware of your brand, they tend to visit your website. You will definitely acquire some new and loyal customers for your brand. More customers mean more sales, thus a higher conversion rate. 

4. Scope for Improvement

It is not always necessary that people are going to send in positive reviews only. There is a chance that they might send in feedbacks and negative comments as well. This gives you the scope to work on those parts of your brand and products and enhance the user experience. 

5. Brand Trust

When you embed an Instagram widget on your website, you don’t just display your reviews, ratings and products but also social proof. Proof that people are using and liking your products. It influences other people’s trust in your brand.

With an Instagram widget, you can also maintain transparency with your website visitors. You display all the sorts of posts your users have put up, despite them being negative. This will help you gain more trust from your users. Also, don’t worry about negative reviews, they also help to gain trust and sales. 

6. Brand Value

All these aspects together help heighten your brand value. An Instagram widget can help your brand send out the message that your consumers are your priority. Once the consumers realize that, they will definitely add more value to your brand. They can also act as ambassadors for your brand by promoting it through their social media or maybe word-of-mouth as well.

Final Words

An Instagram widget generates social proof for your brand through UGC. This way it can prove to be really helpful for your brand. 

If we talk about the use of UGC for your website, it can work wonders. Studies prove that 92% of people believe other user’s reviews as much as they believe personal recommendations. UGC also gives people an idea of how the product looks and work when in action.

This gives the consumers a final nudge to go ahead and buy your products. You can also add shoppable posts with visual commerce platforms and make your Instagram widget shoppable. It will make shopping easier for your consumers. 

To embed your Instagram widget on your business website, you can take the help of social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. These tools can make the process of embedding hassle-free for you. 

So now, wait no more and embed an Instagram widget on your website as soon as possible.

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