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We all are constantly engaged with social media platforms on regular basis. We consider these platforms a part of our lives and no day goes by when we dont scroll throgh their news feeds. However, social media marketing is still growing feathers as compared to the classic marketing approaches. New tools and concepts pop every other day. Rather than picking on each other on social media other happenings of the world are also discussed and shared on social media platforms. It can get hard for the new people coming into the domain of social media marketing to keep track of the buzzing words. That is very why we are creating the list of top ten social media buzzing words so that you can utilize them to your own benefit.

1.      Analytics:

We all understand this term in simplest of its form that it is about gathering data from your web pages in order to analyze the pattern and behavior of the interacting users. There are several paid and free analytic tools available that provide information on the basis of a particular set of metrics. Google analytics is one of the very famous free web analytics tools which allows you to track the visits, avg time duration, new users coming to your site, bounce rate and several other things in the most simplified manner. There are several social media analytics tools available which allow you to observe the behavior of the interacting users.

2.      Business Intelligence:

Business intelligence refers to all the processes, technologies, applications and data which enable you to collect and analyze the information to identify different prospects for your business. BI solution is able to provide you with historic as well as current data so that you can create strong future predictions. You can take well-calculated decisions based on the information collected through BI. Social media analytics is also an important part of BI.

3.      Competitive Benchmarking:

Analyzing and measuring your performance online is very crucial to the success of your business. It has become a whole lot easier since Google has launched its own tool Google analytics. Social media marketers trusted their gut feeling for a long time and then they got real numbers oriented. In social media, you can leverage the web analytics which enables you to easily compare your performance with your competitor’s. Utilizing this approach you can observe how credible interactions you received. Competitive benchmarking delivers a great insight into your competition which can help in improving the data-driven decision-making process big time.

4.      Content Marketing:

As Bill Gates said, “Content is the king”. Well, content marketing is not as simple as it sounds. It is strategic marketing of the valuable content which ensures the relevancy to the search engine about your business. All the great marketers have believed in good content. It provides value to the clienteles, partners and all the new and existing readers. For example, A telecom company Cox communication would market their internet, TV and phone plans which will provide deep insight into the provided services by the company. They will discuss how Cox high speed internet is better than other providers in the market.

5.      Conversions:

Conversion is the process in which a visitor coming to your webpage or social media profile become a client. It is a buzzing word on social media and everybody is striving to gain a better conversion rate as possible.

6.      Click through Rate (CTR):

Click through rate- the term which came into being at the very same time as online ads. CTR is equal to the number of clicks on the ad divided by the number of impressions.

CTR = number of clicks/ number of impressions

It is a very basic and essential thing to find out the performance of your ad campaigns.

7.      Short-lived Data:

Short-lived data is also known as Ephemeral data, which disappears after a while. The best example of short-lived data is that of the Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories which last only 24 hours. It is another buzzing thing which is taking social media marketing to another level.

8.      Facebook Insights:

This tool by Facebook allows you to monitor your audience in a more effective way. You can dig deeper into your data to explore yourself opportunities you can tap on. A few of the metrics include reach, engagement rate, link clicks, etc. It is extremely crucial in order to measure your own activities and the achievement of certain goals.

9.      Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is another big thing and even the established brands are utilizing its potential to expand their reach or persuade the people into buying their product. It is more of an emotional marketing strategy which makes you get things you don’t have just by seeing someone using it. It is a buzzing word in the social media world which has taken almost every brand by storm.

10. Retargeting:

Retargeting holds special importance in the digital marketing world. Retargeting is targeting the audience which came to your platform, spent time on it but didn’t convert. Through retargeting, you can retarget those potential customers and motivate them into buying your product through valuable content (whether it’s textual or visual).

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