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Instagram insights contribute to being an analytical tool that can be found in the business account of Instagram. It offers data on follower demographics, content, and engagement. With this information, you will be capable of tracking as well as measuring different Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram insights play a vital role in taking accomplished care of the review stage. With the aid of these statistics, you can find out what works and what does not work for you. As you go through this write-up, you will understand where to get started.

Understand the power of Instagram Insights

As the largest Drop-Shipping Company in India we know that you can apply the knowledge, gained from Instagram audience insights for bringing an improvement in the Instagram marketing efforts. It teaches you that the user-generated content helps in getting more comments and likes. 

Hence, you should ensure to share and produce more content. The audience is known to be more active during Sunday evenings and Friday mornings. Hence, you can schedule Instagram posts during the time for increasing engagement.

Tips to get Instagram insights

To get access to the Instagram insights, it is essential to have a business account, in place of a personal account. There is a wide array of reasons for getting a business profile. It helps you in adding extra contact options to the harness Instagram ads and profile.

You do not require creating a new account. Instead, you can convert the existing profile of your own into a business account. You can unlock different benefits of it without any additional costs.

Tips to view insights on Instagram

The native integration of Instagram insights indicates that it is really easy to view the Instagram audience insights with few taps. You can view the Instagram insights in three different ways. You require heading towards the Instagram profile, press on the three lines for getting access to the menu, and choose “Insights”. 

It is also possible to get access to Instagram insights through every post. All you need to do is go to a post and press on “View Insights”, under the video or image. For accessing the Instagram Insights, you require bringing the story and press on “Seen by”, located in the screen’s bottom-left corner.

Instagram insights are useful in tracking and monitoring different metrics that are beneficial to the business. It is necessary to study the Instagram reach and impressions to understand how your potential audience interacts with the content, you post.

What does Instagram Insights mean?

As you open the Instagram insights, you will find three different tabs which include Content, Activity, and content. After opening the Instagram insights, you will find the Activity tab which shows two different sets of metrics, Discovery and the Interactions. 

On Instagram, you will find the total number of times for which the end-user has interacted with your account in the past seven days. Discovery, on the other hand, shows the overall performance of the account in the past seven days.


Content happens to be the next tab which shows the total number of posts, which have been shared in the past week, in comparison to the last week. The three sections included under it are stories, feed posts, and promotions.

The next section includes the Instagram Insights for the stories. You can press on “See all” for viewing more metrics.

You can use this data of Instagram insights for bringing an improvement in the Instagram Insights. 

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