The number of mobile devices that need to connect to the Internet worldwide is increasing every day. Faced with this growing pressure, favored by the progressive implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology seems to be the answer that will improve connectivity, both in terms of quality and quantity. Data updating and real-time communication are a necessity. And this is also true for digital marketing, which is forced to evolve as this new standard spreads worldwide.

What is 5G, and what benefits does it offer?

5G is a mobile internet connection standard, and the main advantage over 4G technology is that it has much lower latency. It means that the time it takes to receive/send information is significantly reduced: 5G is ten times faster than 4G.

So how will 5G change our lives?

Benefits of 5G for individuals

As smartphone users, if we connect to a 5G network, we will notice:

● An almost instant download of content: we can download movies and series in seconds.

● Greater fluidity in viewing videos and streaming content.

● Real-time application data update.

● Better synchronization with other gadgets and wearables (smartwatches and speakers, programmable appliances, etc.).

Technological and industrial advantages of 5G

Thanks to 5G, it will be possible to make a series of advances in the technological sector, such as:

● Automation of heavy machinery

● The development of driverless vehicles

● Realization of remote medical interventions

5G yes, but when?

5G is currently at the height of the hype cycle defined by Gartner, which analyzes the evolution of expectations for new technologies. Major mobile phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Huawei, or Xiaomi, have already launched the first phones with support for 5G on the market in an attempt to win over some of the early adopters of the 5G technology.

The “Mobility” Ericsson’s Report, which was published in June 2019, speculates that the implementation of 5G will be massive all over the world over the next five years. According to the study, in 2024 :

● 5G networks will handle 35% of the data traffic of mobile networks globally.

● 5G coverage will reach 45% of the world population

● There will be 1900 million devices that will use 5G

This data is a clear message for all companies.

The time has come to renew and adopt digital marketing strategies in the new business model for the users who are eager to consume online content now more than ever on their mobile phones without having to wait.

Implications of 5G for digital marketing

In concrete terms, the leap from 4G to 5G will have several consequences and implications in the digital marketing ecosystem. We at Maiden Stride have identified five:

  1. Faster speed 

while smartphones have long since overtaken computers in everyday life, some activities such as watching videos in high quality or visiting certain websites are still an exasperating experience. No more interruptions in media playback and precious seconds will not be wasted waiting for the contents to load in the browser, thanks to 5G. The speed that this technology offers will make it possible to:

● Create video ads with a higher resolution, which do not slow down the loading of web pages.

● Increase streaming video emissions

● Bid farewell to the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) standard.

2. New interactive advertising formats

Thanks to the low latency of 5G, it will be possible to integrate augmented reality and virtual reality systems, designing platforms and announcements in which the movements and actions of users will produce instant and fluid changes.

The combination of 5G technology and augmented reality will have an extremely positive effect on e-commerce as it will be able to offer potential online customers almost life-like, real interaction with the products offered before they make the purchase.

3. Better User Experience 

Thanks to the 5G network, ready to satisfy even the most impatient user, the frustration for content that does not load or for videos that do not play correctly will disappear. The UX will be better, so users with some degree of technical knowledge are likely to decide to stop using ad-blocker to speed up browsing.

As a result, brands will be able to reach previously “forbidden” audiences; an increase in the CTR fee and a decrease in the rebound rate is expected.

4. Extreme customization

Thanks to 5G, the Internet of Things will finally be up to become a reality. Synchronization between different devices, artificial intelligence, and automation will give life to hyper-personalized digital marketing strategies. These strategies will use data such as real-time location or which products they have bought and which ones they don’t to show suitable content on the smartphone.

5. Real-time analysis

The success of the IoT will lead to the big data boom. Thanks to edge computing, the collection and exploitation of data will stop being a slow and cumbersome process. With 5G, it will be possible to process data directly in each node and in a few milliseconds, thus facilitating real-time analysis, decisions, and the automation of responses.

This IoT-generated mass data collection will be of great help to digital marketing specialists to:

● Know the psyche of your target audience in depth; the knowledge of specific details will make it possible to segment your campaigns with much greater precision.

● Know where to find, virtually and physically, your target in practically every second.

Combining 5G with marketing will provide some very effective tools for satisfying customers. The secret will be to study consumer behavior and create hyper-customized solutions for the different touchpoints of the customer journey.                                                 

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By Raunak Pandey

Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of <a href="">Maiden Stride</a>, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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