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You might be surprised!  How there are so many different websites survive on the search engine pages with so many different quality metrics. How can we decide which key metrics we have to follow to make the performance of our website better. Sometimes some website’s perform very well without performing any complex strategies. 

This is the reason that people usually think of hiring a digital marketing agency in Delhi to get instant or better results. In this article, we will provide some of the most crucial metrics or KPIs to boost your website’s performance. 

Crucial Metrics To Measure Your Website’s Performance

Let’s briefly have look over all the metrics that can enhance the performance of a website

Improve Time To Title

Time to title refers to the amount of time a website takes to get visible in the web browser when the user puts in an inquiry. Now you can understand how important or crucial it is to find whether the website is well built or not. 

For example, if you search for some query on Google and click on the website. You want to wait for seconds so that the website gets open but it is not possible in case of a longer time to title process. If the website does not open properly you will come back from that site which causes the problem of increased bounce rate.

Rendering Time to your Website’s Performance

Time to render is the time in between the user puts its query and the content begins loading. If it’s not completely loaded it’s okay. Once the content starts loading a user can wait patiently till it gets completely loaded. But if the query shows no content at all, the user no longer stays on that page.

You need to keep the low time to render for your website so that the content starts appearing immediately to keep users intact with the website. Otherwise, it can be a major drawback for your content.

Interact Time

It is the most important feature that you need to consider for boosting the performance of your website. Interaction time is the time your website takes when users interact with it. Interaction can be like scrolling the website, click on the buttons, submitting the forms, or filling up different details. 

If your site is taking too much time in completing the tasks then it might be because of the long interaction time. Longer time makes the user frustrated which means somehow the user is interested in your product but will not make a purchase.

Error Rate

There are always some errors that used to happen on your website. You cannot avoid them from happening but can try to solve them on a regular basis. Error Rate is the rate through which you can find out how frequently errors occur on your website.

It gives you information on where errors occur the most, types of errors & how you can fix them so that these errors will not do any big damage to your data. Knowing the errors can save you a lot of time and effort on a regular basis. You can also get help from a digital marketing agency in Delhi to handle all these errors for you from time to time.

Conversion Rate for your Website’s Performance

Conversion rate is the rate through which you can calculate how many unique visitors visit your site. This means how many unique sessions you hold in regular intervals of time. It is a crucial factor that depends upon the various parameters like a different kind of traffic to your website, how was the user experience on the website while scrolling on the website, website speed, interactive call to action buttons, or many more.

If you improve all these factors your conversion rate will improve or increase the rate of potential traffic on your website.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is pretty much important for your website. It means when the visitors do not stick to your website or when you are not receiving valuable user interaction. There can be several reasons like longer loading time, irrelevant design, user interaction faults, or unrelated content on the website that makes users bounce away from the site immediately.

But sometimes loading speed is not the reason so you have to  analyze all the performance metrics for your website or analytics data as well to find why people do not find your website useful. It can save your website from google penalties as well.

Page Speed

Page Speed can have a great impact on your website’s performance. This is the reason it is one of the key performance metrics among all. It is the amount your website’s page takes in order to get fully loaded.  If your website page used to have slow speed, then it can create a lot of frustration among the users. They will immediately switch to another website.

No doubt it can happen because of slow internet speed. But if it occurs on different platforms or IP addresses then surely it is a problem of slow page speed. A digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you in fixing all your errors for your site.

Time To First Byte

Time To First Byte is the time that is usually taken by the website to deliver the personalized information to the user. All the basic information reaches the user quickly or the personalized information can take a little more time to reach the user. It totally depends upon the code how quickly the user gets the information.

How well your code is optimized decides how users can interact or receive information from the website.


In the end all these key performance metrics have to be regularly monitored by us so that we can keep a regular check on the performance. You have to keep all the metrics to find whether your website is performing well or not. A digital marketing agency in Delhi can also improve those indicators as well.

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