Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

In the era of digitalization, every sector is incorporating different technological advancements to use. Technology has been providing major facilities to all sectors. It has been evident that technological advancements have immensely changed the life of people.

One of the major contributions to the technologies is App development. There are various apps created for different types of industries. Some of the industries are E-commerce, Healthcare, Social media, Food, Travel, and Real Estate. Social Media App development is a trend in this era of digitalization. Social networking allows people to connect with their loved ones, family members, relatives, and friends. It is necessary to build a platform where everyone can interact. Such a platform is provided with the help of social media app developers.

App development simply means to develop a user application. Apps are installable and can be easily accessed on your mobile phone. Applications are simply software created to perform a specific task.
There are certain ways to create an application for a specific purpose. One needs to find the purpose of building an app. Then needs to prepare the various services offered to the user. The next step involves targeting customers. At last marketing and promotion of the product.

Mobile applications make it easy for people to access services while sitting at home. They did not need to go out of their houses. Let us now see the latest technologies which one should be using while developing an application.

Trending Technologies used creating an App

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Al and Ml are largely contributing towards the software industry. AI has been a trend in 2019 as well as a trend in 2021. This is because of the reliability and perfection provided by these technologies. Artificial Intelligence simply refers to a machine that can execute the functions through a machine just like a human does. It needs to be well ordered and to get proper results it should be interactive. It gives a computer the full authority to think on its own and hence perform the function.

AI is used mainly in developing video games, robots, and chatbots. Complex learning is done with the help of Data and Machine Learning algorithms which are predefined. ML is used in making future predictions based on data collection and then evaluating it. It provides services like face recognition, Voice search, text prediction, giving recommendations, and chatbots. This makes the user interface attractive and interactive for the user. It is more engaging to the users and hence promises customer loyalty. Sectors like marketing, real estate, healthcare, education, social media, and travel and tourism are largely acquiring AI and Ml. This is all due to the feature AI provides in enhancing the apps.


There has been a huge demand for wearable growing the recent years. People want all the basic facilities provided by mobile devices on their smart wearable devices. Devices like smartwatches and smart bracelets are a growing trend.
Apps should be made in such a way that they can be easily accessed by these wearables. In order to reach maximum customers, it needs to be used easily on such wearables.

Foldable apps:

The foldable devices are flooded all over the market. People are too excited about these smart devices. For the apps to be successful they need to develop in such a way that can be easily operated on foldable devices.
This will require the use of great skills and technologies. Also, the demands for Flutter app developers and ionic app developers will increase.

Blockchain technology:

Blockchain technology mainly includes bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This technology has been certainly used in many sectors. It will be a major trend in the upcoming year. Blockchain technology itself is a major trend for developing apps. But combining it with IoT devices can provide a more useful facility.
It is affordable, reliable, and easily accessible. Due to this, the demand for blockchain developers has risen.

Cloud-based applications:

Cloud services help the users to store data and information. It allows the safe storage of documents and files. Large data can be safely stored due to cloud technology. And can be easily retrieved. Facilities like ordering food or booking tickets for a show are available because of the cloud tech.

5g technology:

After the 4g networking speed, the current trend is of a 5g network. It helps people to access the internet facility with ease in recent times. The apps can be fast while using the 5g network. 5g lets you create top trending apps by providing unique features.

Online payments:

Cashless transaction is one of the top future technologies as it has made paying money easier. With online or internet banking, many payments and buying can be done online by one’s bank account. Such transactions could even include payment of bills like electricity and water.
Most of the apps in the market have this facility of online payment. This ensures safe transactions. This is also an attractive trend for users.

Benefits of using various technologies in your mobile apps

Employment generation:

One of the sectors today that has brought about one of the highest employment opportunities in the technology sector. This is no small measure that has positively impacted society on a large scale. Developing mobile apps certainly involves technological knowledge and skills.

Social networking

Social networking apps such as Twitter Facebook Instagram and other similar apps have brought about great relationship opportunities which otherwise would not have been easy. App development ensures building relations between loved ones.

Creating awareness and e-learning platforms:

Mobile application is a veritable platform for creating awareness on any issue that could be of public interest. It is one of the greatest marketing tools. Many people prefer using mobile applications for searching various information in the field of interest.
It not only helps in gathering information but also helps to educate people. There are many e-learning apps available to teach students. This helps in earning a lot of revenue.


These apps are trending due to easy access, many attractive services, and other benefits such as low cost, easy installation, etc. These apps are reliable and safe. Applications provide major facilities like delivering products at your doorsteps and safe transactions. Different kinds of applications contain different types of services and processes. An individual needs to be specific about the type of service they require.

This in turn will generate employment opportunities in the technological sector. The software development process needs software engineers and app developers. This also brings various advantages for the customers who buy commodities from online stores. For the application to be appropriate it has to be made perfectly ensuring the safety of the user’s data. These are the new technologies to learn. At the same time, it becomes important for students to be aware of the trends going on in the market.

From the above points, it is visible that it is really important to use the recent trends to develop a proper app. Application development includes designing the application interface, providing the services which will be useful for the user, and ensuring the safety of data.
AI and ML, wearables, cloud software programs, foldable devices, 5g technology, and online payments are emerging technologies. Software companies are creating development platforms with the help of digital technology.
There are various benefits to developing applications with these trends. So eventually, these are some of the world’s best technology to develop an application.

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