You’re thinking of starting a blog? But how to get started? The Internet is filled with information regarding it but we get confused about different methods and techniques people share with us. Well, you don’t need to get confused by this rather simple thing.

I was also a newbie once. And had a lot of ambiguity about it. I started blogging back in 2006 and knew less than nothing about it. And now I’m doing great than ever and have ample knowledge about building a successful blog. I roughly receive 300,000 unique visitors on my website and I can teach you all how to build a successful blog in the era when every other person owns a blog. But not every other person achieves success through it.

Blogging is an art and you have to experiment and get creative with it. Surely it does involve a few technical tips but mostly creativity.

Why create a blog?

Before I tell you how to create a successful blog. Firstly you need to find a reason why to start a blog on the internet and not something else?

Note: If you already have a fair idea about the “why” then skip on and go right ahead towards the “how”

  1. Blogging is an effective way to directly communicate with the masses at once. Spreading information, news and awareness are just very basic purposes of the blogging.
  2. It’s also a channel to communicate your opinion to the world and contribute to the lives of masses.
  3. It helps you to write effective pieces which actually make difference in the outer world.
  4. Want to know the best reason? Rather than social working and contributing towards the world you can also earn.

Start your blog with these following five steps:

We all may think that creating a website requires a lot of effort and a good knowledge of technicalities. Though it does need these things it is not difficult at all. You can find several videos on youtube which will guide you through every major and minor step to build yourself an interactive website. No coding is required to build a website now. Good news right?

1.      Choose your blogging platform:

This is the very first and important decision you have to make. Here I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume that you all are aware of the WordPress. Many bloggers are using this platform for blogging. And it’s massive.

It’s one of the major blogging platforms and provides countless plugins and add-on features. You can find infinite themes and ways to design your blog.

The following picture will tell you about major and other different blogging platforms.


WordPress contains almost around 82 billion active users. The following two platforms are the best after the WordPress.

It is most certainly the most useful blogging platform after WordPress.

Tumbler is one of its kind. It is a social platform as well as a blogging platform. And is extremely user-friendly.

WordPress is way too bigger than these two platforms and I’ll recommend you to go for the WordPress because of the following mentioned reasons:


  • It is free to use and has a very user-friendly setup
  • Millions of free themes and layouts to use
  • WordPress provide support forum facility in case you get stuck at some point ( you won’t get stuck but it’s always nice to have a support forum)
  • The best thing is that our blog will be fast as compared to the blogs built on other platforms
  • It let people interact with you easily.


2.      Do you require self-hosting or an alternative free service?

The second major thing you have to ponder about is what do you want a paid hosting service or you want to grab a free one. Because WordPress, tumbler, and blogger all provide a free blog. And it is best for all those who aren’t that serious about their blog. But it also has a downside.


  • You won’t get and have your own domain name. It would be something like “” or “” or”
  • Definitely, free things are always to some extent. And always remember that “if something is free then you’re the product”. You cannot fully monetize your blog being on a free domain.
  • You most certainly don’t own the blog. If your blog is hosted by WordPress, Tumbler, or Blogspot then they have the liberty to delete it if they want to.


3.      Better start your blog on your own domain (if you choose to go for self-hosting and custom domain):

If you’re still confused among the domain and hosting then let me clear the ambiguity here:

Domain: Domain is basically the URL of your website page. Example:, etc.

Hosting: Whereas hosting is the company that put your website up on the internet so that everyone can look it up. Everything will be saved on their servers, it’s like a hard disk on the internet which will save all your data up.

Well, my personal favorite hosting service provider is HostGator. And it is very economical too.


Where we require internet to help us get famous we badly require high-speed internet to make it happen. So if your internet connection is not delivering what it promised than get yourself on Spectrum internet to experience the best of the best. They provide the best customer service to keep your experience smooth.  It will constantly keep you connected and will bring you one step closer to your dream of becoming the “internet star”


4.      Design your blog:

Design of the blog has a direct impact on the user. So make it interactive, user-friendly and attractive. Don’t go for the heavy designs as they will also affect the speed of your website. Select the design while keeping the speed and other factors in mind, so that the visitor doesn’t have to wait more than 3 seconds for the page to get a load.


5.      Helpful resources for beginners:

You may require read about blogging. So, we have gathered a few links to the valuable resources which will add value to the information you already contain.

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