Blogging is one of the great ways to drive traffic to your website, whether it be for affiliate marketers, websites, or influencers. If you’re keeping pace with the new trends of marketing, then you may know it already that video marketing is at its boom right now. We have several examples of bloggers who are earning millions and even have set up their own companies out of a blog. The most prominent example we have is that of Huda beauty. It all started with a simple Instagram blog and now is a million-dollar makeup company. 

Experts predicted that by 2019, 80% of the global online traffic would derive from video content. As we have entered in 2019, we need to utilize the full potential of visual content to make our blogs all the more successful. If you’re looking to start a video blog of your own or already own one, then the article can be of great help to you.

Many factors contribute to the success of your video blog. Like what type of equipment you should use, how effective is your content, how naturally do the actors perform, and most of all, how creatively you market your blog? The following graph will depict the importance of video content. The below chart shows the percentage of how businesses are distributing their content. 


Did you notice anything in the above graph? Yes. The top three platforms are basically for video distribution. It indicates the importance of videos in marketing. If you’re thinking of creating a video blog or already have one, then these following tips can be of great help to you all. 

1. Make sure the lighting is proper: 

Lighting plays a vital role in providing a professional touch to the videography. It is unacceptable to create a local low budget commercial in your family home with dim lighting and distorted pixels. You must understand the three-point lighting setup. 


Understandably, you can’t carry all the equipment with you at all times. You might have to film something ongoing. For lighting, there are three terms that you need to understand:

· Key light 

· Backlight 

· Fill Light

The key light serves the purpose of the primary light, and it should be placed on the left side of the camera. It is the brightest of the three lights mentioned above. Key light creates a shadow, and to fill that shadow, you need “Fill light.” With these two lights in the front, you need a “backlight” to make these lights look normal and natural. To shoot in the office or home, you should adjust the lighting according to the natural lighting resources.  

2. Add Captions to your videos:

Not everyone watches the videos with the sound. The stats of Facebook have shown that 85% of people watch Facebook feed videos without sound. This is why almost every video has captions embedded within it. Subtitles/captions allow people to understand the context of video better without sound. 

Every primary video blogger is utilizing the captions in their videos to make them more understandable for people with different nationalities and also to capitalize on the news feed videos on Facebook. Facebook is averaging 150 million monthly views through these news feed videos which people are watching without sound.  

 3. Get yourself Right Screen Capture Software:

A few of your videos don’t even require a camera to video blog. For instance, we see many people on YouTube, teaching us some software or anything by recording their own screens. So that we can see every step of the way. If you’re thinking of creating such a video, then find yourself the right screen capture software. Well, I am personally a fan of Screenflow. Screenflow is best for Mac users. You may have to pay for the software but it certainly worth all the money. 

Pc users can utilize Camtasia to record their screens. There are several other software available in stores, but these two are my favorite for Mac and PC. A speedy machine and high-speed internet are highly required for the screen recording. You certainly don’t want your internet to slow down or your computer to get stuck in the middle of the video. I personally have my utmost faith in Spectrum internet service. You can also find yourself the best internet connections through local cable deals.

4. Spend on a high-quality Microphone: 

Audio is an integral part of videos and tends to have a direct impact on the video’s quality. People need to hear what you’ve to say. A quality microphone makes sure that you don’t waste any time in recording your video. Sometimes your footage isn’t of good quality, but that quality sound can still prove to be useful for you. You can utilize it for a podcast or to voiceover a presentation, animation, or something that’s not live. 

There are several microphones available in the market for specific purposes. I’m no expert when it comes to gadgets and stuff, but getting a high-quality microphone is a basic necessity for video blogging. 

5. Distribute your content effectively: 

Once you are done with recording, editing, and assembling the video you’ve got to market the video. You have to make it visible for as many people as possible, in order to do so you need to choose the right and most appropriate distribution channels. 

Right now, the major platforms for video distribution are YouTube and Instagram. Take Neil Patel, for example, all of his videos are available on YouTube as well as on his blog. The best thing about Youtube is that it provides you with the facility to repurpose your videos once uploaded on Youtube. You can share these videos on social media, provide the blog link to your website, and can also share them with your email subscribers.



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