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So, aren’t you feeling motivated enough for blogging? Have you lost the zeal and passion for sharing something new with the world?

Well, you’re not alone. 

Many passionate bloggers go through this dilemma for a brief phase in their career. 

But the good thing is they duly bounce back after a while. 

In any case, blogging day-in and day-out can be exhausting. Searching Topics and posting exciting things to readers regularly – some do this daily – can sap the energy of even the most motivated soul on the planet.

But since every blogger is unique, the question arises – why don’t you feel like blogging anymore, at least for the next few days, or weeks or month?

Or, why are not you able to summon up the same spark that fuelled you in the initial days when you took to blogging? Have you lately been taking a long gap between posts than you ever did before?

Reasons You were blogging could be

Before dwelling on to reasons that made you demotivated, let’s look at what has been driving you for blogging so far: 

 1. The passion of following your dream 

 2. The desire to share exciting things with the world 

 3. Explore things with a new perspective 

 4. Give readers something unique about a topic or theme 

 5. And lastly, to make money via blogging 

 So, for the above reasons, what has changed that is causing your sense of demotivation to blog? 

 To some, the task itself feels drab and boring while for others, there is no merit in continuing with something that is not fetching desired results.   

  • In most cases, bloggers quit mid-way because of the following reasons. 
  • The pursuit is not giving rewards in the ratio of hard work
  • The money is not there 
  • The target audience is not showing any interest
  • There is a lot of competition where retaining quality is unfeasible  

 So, whether you are in tech space blogging or travel or gadget review, you have to understand that instant results are a mirage. Any hobby needs time to bear fruits, and you got to stick with blogging for more before getting the desired results.

 You need to understand that:

  • You started blogging as you had a passion for the subject you chose 
  • You still love everything about the domain but are feeling demotivated due to lack of monetary rewards 
  • Your passion has not dimmed a wee bit, but other factors are hampering you a lot 
  • You feel as if there is no future in blogging, which is a wrong assumption 

 Tips to motivate yourself for blogging again 

Look, since every blogger is unique, the reasons for their feeling lack of motivation too would be entirely different from each other. But the tips that we discussed below will help everyone from the community. 

 The tips are – 

Take a break 

When blogging starts appearing a burden, take a well-deserved break before entertaining any thought of quitting it mid-way. A timely break would help you gather yourself up, recharge the batteries, and hit the straps with a renewed sense of purpose.

By taking a break, you can bust the rut that you have gotten yourself. Stop blogging for a few days, or even weeks, as this can minimize the intensity of demotivation and help you seen the brighter sides once again. 

Look, every professional needs a break to see where the career is progressing, and that can help see things through from an entirely different perspective. 

 Think about why you loved blogging 

We, humans, are hardwired to experience a sense of boredom with most things we love and care about passionately at some stage. The same holds for blogging as well.

Chances are, your demotivation is temporary, compounded by the disappointments and frustrations that the blogging results brought. In that case, the break you take will help see things from a different perspective, and this is how motivation will return.

The break will also be an excellent opportunity to see why you once loved blogging that much – for money, or passion or whatever. You can assess the current situation, take stock of where your blogging career is heading and then start again to achieve a new high in the domain.

 Draw inspiration from other bloggers 

Sometimes our peers become the source of strength when things are not going smooth on the professional front. Their zeal, energy, and passion force us to see what is wrong with us, or why we’re not faring as well as they are.

The blogging space has lots of successful professionals of either sex who have been doing their job for years with the same level of passion. They continue to be the torchbearer of the blogging sphere.

You can read the success story of a motivated blogger and try to find a “method to their madness.” You can see how they are defying odds and maintaining enthusiasm for something they love. 

 Don’t allow negative thoughts to creep in

The main difference between a highly successful person and an unsuccessful person is a thought process. If you’re committed to a cause and bring total passion, results are bound to come, sooner or later, but it will happen someday.

So, if you feel dispirited by the bad performance of your blog or the money factor has caused your distress, it’s better to change the thought process and look at the whole thing with a new perspective.

Plus, blogging is your love, and can you desert it after giving so much heart, blood, and sweat into it? The choice is yours.

 Take a fresh start 

A fresh start is never possible unless past mistakes are either corrected or forgotten. Herewith blogging, you can’t escape the mistakes and hope to reap the reward. It won’t happen ever. 

A fresh start means you’re ready not to repeat the same mistakes and are determined to give more value to readers. Plus, you now won’t go after only money and instead focus on quality aspects as well.

That would be a perfect edifice for a fresh start with blogging. So, hire a top SEO company India to help promote your blog to new levels! 

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