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Bloggers are always in the dire need of creative content that makes them different from the rest of the bloggers out there on the internet. The competition is fierce because once you look around in the market of bloggers, you see everyone doing a lot in their respective areas – the sight of which brings you to the conclusion that you constantly need ideas and techniques to make your content stand out in public. Which is why we have figured out a few ways you can help your content float above the competition and bring you satisfaction on your work.

Blogging, indeed, is not simple. We have to look at a number of factors that we know add in to make a content piece effective and powerful. Every small element like font color or size, number of words on a page, image’s resolution – a lot of this contribute a huge deal into making a piece of a work a piece of art. To help you out in this matter, we have gathered a few websites that work to make your content piece look different from the rest of the blogs on internet.

These websites have been there for many years now but many of you would not have heard about them. So, here is a list of websites that will cater your creative content marketing techniques:

Fonts and Design

It matters a lot which font you use and the color you fill it with. Font and color are not just marks on a screen. Fonts have a great power to determine the mood of your site. It also determines the relation of your website to the product your are selling. They both should be well in keeping with each other. If your product is a collection of books, the entire theme would be different in comparison with the one you fashion for a service, let’s say, delivery of cheap hoodies.

One needs to be able to find the right theme for a specific theme. To avail a set of good fonts for your site, you should consider WORDMARK.IT and insert the phrase you want to be written in a format especially designed in accordance with the theme you want. With the set of fonts, you can easily decide what looks best to go up on your site.

The best thing is, you would not have to keep editing your website on the editor when you have this website with the latest designs and you won’t find another like it. Another interesting thing about this website is that, it completely releases you from the burden of downloading a gazillion fonts on your Adobe to pick from.

Speaking of fonts, there is another website that specializes in offering good fonts for your website: Dafont.com. What you would have to do is type in a specific typeface in the search bar of this website. You can also type the lettering you want, whether you want a hand-lettered design or grunge style, this site has you covered.

Some of the fonts on this website are too decorative, some are simply handdrawn. If you need to download a specific font, you have to go to their site; find the one you like, click on it until your receive a zip file which will contain a font file inside. Once you unzip the file, you can install the font which upon install would be ready to use.

Another website that will abundantly help you in selecting the right font for your site is Fontsquirrel. It has some of the most unique font designs. You won’t find too many of the informal font styles in this website. The fonts you will find on these website are more of the formal types, more appropriate for headings and titles.

For sleek and slender style, perfect for you minimalistic taste, you can consider Myfonts.com. You will find typefaces for sale on this site. You must have seen Emily Lime’s work on the internet. If you have, you will find her typeface on this site as well.

Another classy site for fonts is Fontawesome.com where you will find almost every kind of font you find best suited for your website. On this site, you will find hundreds of popular/non-popular icons. Once you download the fonts and icons, you get the access to upload it on your graphic editor and use it whenever you want to. You must keep the cheatsheet next to you at all times when you are working, either you are using the online version or the PDF file.

Design your own Graphics

We have another great option for people who might be into creating their own graphics for their website. Sometimes you can’t explain to your employee the thing that you want for yourself. In that situation, you make the graphic that you have in your mind on Ribbet.

You must have heard of the tool called PicMonkey. If you have, you must know all the features in this software that graphic designers make a good use of at several times in their work. The sad thing is they are not free and you actually have to pay for some of its features. Those features could also be found on Ribbet, which is why you do not need to have PicMonkey when Ribbet offers you the same thing for zero money. They are offering their premium membership for free. They also allow their users save images so that they can use those images wherever they like. You can create social media icons, anything you like.

Another similar application is Canva that gives their users images, tools, shapes of various sizes. They also have a ton of free frames and banners. You would not able to import your own icons or texts but you certainly can make your own image on this application online. They are extremely easy to handle and easy to make.

All you need is a good internet connection that supports your online editing of the images through these applications. If you are finding yourself a reliable internet connection then visit www.localcabledeals.com. It will find you the most suitable internet service provider in your locality.

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