Sometimes finding the right image for the blog becomes a pain. We have our content all-ready for publishing but can’t seem to find royalty-free images that go best with our post. Catchy photos are essential to visually represent the article’s essence. Rather than investing much time in creating there are several sites that provide free photos in high resolution. Few are also paid but they are totally worth every penny of it.

Following are top 10 sites which provide high-quality images for free and make your work all the easier for you:

1. Pixabay:

Pixabay contains the largest collection of photos. It caters to almost every category available out there. The website is jam-packed with more than million public domain images. You can find vector graphics, illustrations and even videos on this platform. The photos are not just amazing but are of a reasonable size which doesn’t affect the speed of the website. These images require good internet speed to get downloaded. Speaking of internet speed only Cox cable internet has my vote. Visit here to view the best packages in town.  It provides incredible speed at the lowest possible rates.

If you want to search photos for a specific topic in your mind, just put it out there on the search bar. Their landscape photography is the best available online. It provides the facility to choose from different resolution options.


Pexels is a popular web among bloggers and web app designers. The best thing about Pexels is that it allows everyone to upload their photos and select the best ones for the searchable collection. You can search appropriate images for themes, emotions, pastimes and can also browse images against a specific keyword.

The site contains a huge variety of images that are just perfect for displaying interface mock-ups. You’ll get even more excited about Pexels to know that it is the only site that offers free space images. Some of the images are derived from NASA and you can clearly rely on their quality.


Well, we all are familiar with the name Flickr and its prime purpose is clearly not public domain images. Still, it has a great library of high-quality images. We ranked flicker third on our list because of its wide collection of high-resolution images. They keep on updating their photo libraries with high-resolution images to facilitate their audience at all times.

Note: You’ll need photo credits for the images you take from Flickr. So do pay heed to them.


If you’re looking for fresh, fun and funky visual content then Gratisography is the place for you to go. This site is known for its happy and fresh content. Graphic designer Ryan McGuire created this collection and he likes everything quirky. His photos have a surreal edge which differentiates them from the cliched photos available on other platforms.

You can even subscribe to his newsletter to receive updates about his new photo collection. His images are for free and you don’t even have to provide credits.


After registering yourself free on the site, you can have access to a load of high-resolution photos. The platform allows you to utilize the images for commercial and personal projects. In addition to the stock photos, Freerange also provides 20,000 public domain images, which can be utilized or can be presented in any form you like. They certainly don’t demand any credits.

The same company that launched this website has another site that specializes in providing free vintage images. The site is named Vintage Stock Photos. You can find yourself thousands of free vintage images on this platform too.


Unsplash doesn’t contain millions of images but a thousand images available are amazing in quality and are unique in their own way. Unsplash contains images from professional and unprofessional photographers. Unsplash is a powerful image searching platform and if you can’t seem to find an appropriate result against your keyword then you can browse through collections of other users to find the right image.

You don’t have to provide credits for the photos you take from Unsplash, but Unsplash takes the credits as a token of appreciation for themselves. Every registered user can create his own collection to help other users and it also provides great help in gathering a collection for a project.


PicJumbo is comparatively a small website than the others in the list but contains very unique photos collected by owner Victor Hanacek himself. Viktor Hanacek is a web designer by profession and showcases a great assortment of unconventional and authentic photography. This small website is definitely worth signing up.


It is one of the oldest websites which provides free high-quality photos. You can utilize all the photos available without the restriction of commercial or personal use. You can always bookmark the interesting images and can find them in the ‘like’ section. In order to download, like or share images you have to register yourself on the site.

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