You don’t need an SEO analyst help to realize that Google is today’s leading search engine platform.

That’s right. 

It is not necessary to be a certified SEO Analystto know that you need to land the number one search position on Google if you want to keep those revenues coming. 

However, what you do need to know is how to enhance your spot in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), without getting a penalty. 

To do this, you would have to:

·Know the basics. 

For your business or brand to capitalize on the massive online visibility impact that Google brings, you need to know how things work. It means learning how websites get a spot in Google’s rankings and how they fall off the same ladder. 

If you’ve ever heard of a link building company give out advice on how web crawlers and algorithms run the show when it comes to search engines, then this one would come as no surprise to you. 

As with other search engines, Google operates on crawling links and websites through its bots. It then evaluates them based on various ranking factors and awards higher ranks to those more qualified. Conversely, it turns to established quality guidelines and algorithmic updates as a basis for handing out manual actions and algorithmic penalties, respectively. 


·Do a site audit. 

A site audit is very crucial if you want to rank well on Google and other search engines. Site Audit describes the technical and other essential on-page and off-page optimization missing from your website. Site audits can vary depending on the type of site audit and the tools used in auditing the website.

Ask the number one SEO company about improving your site’s rankings, and you’d get this advice. You should take the time to look internally and inspect every corner on your website. It includes zoning in on the details of your current SEO strategy, so you can find out which aspects are causing your low Google ranking. You must know where you stand and figure out what improvements are required in the long run.

You do not need to hire an SEO agency for auditing various websites and, there are several SEO tools available to make website audits even easier.

·Start optimizing. 

Finally, once you know how Google works and what you need to do to enhance your rankings sans the penalties, the next logical step would be to execute your recalibrated SEO strategies. 

Most small business SEO services start by working on the latest trends in SEO which includes the following:

Optimizing for voice search.

Passing Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Ensuring website security by using HTTPS.

Generating better content and using long-tail keywords.

To recap, you can work your way up Google’s search results by doing three things. First, you need to know the basics about ranking and penalties. Second, you need to conduct a thorough site audit. And third, you need to optimize according to the latest trends.



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By Rana Tarakji

Originally from the U.S., Rana Tarakji is an SEO Analyst and the founder of One SEO - a multinational link building company -, author of Off-site SEO guide: A Hands-On SEO Tutorial For Beginners & Dummies, and a web content specialist who now lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Rana's work has appeared in a wide range of publications in print and online, including Entrepreneur, Life Hacker, Upwork, Christian Today, and many other outlets.

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