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Content marketing tips

There are several ways that you can undertake a content marketing strategy without making the use of blog posts. Blog posts have been the primary medium of content marketing for quite some time now, but it is highly essential to note that other channels are equally effective and could yield the same results if not better ones.

In today’s digital world, the internet is opening up many frontiers, and the possibilities of what marketers can do with the web increase by the day. In this regard, it is also worth noting that marketers can embark on strategies that are devoid of blog posts and writing activities, and still attract and stimulate the right interest in the target audience.

Use Infographics

In today’s busy online world, it is easy for readers to lose attention, thanks to the various things that are getting for the care of readers on the web. In this regard, therefore, content marketers can shift their strategies form old useful blog posts and writing, and embrace infographics.

Infographics are visual presentations of some form of data or information. Infographics can be sued to convey some knowledge in the same vein that blog posts would, only that infographics involve less fat content, and are easy to break down and get the requisite information.

Starting a Podcast

Podcasts are primarily audio files that involve two individuals or even one individual talking about something. It could be a specific topic of interest, a product, or any other thing that the audience would be interested in. Podcasts make it easier to spread information, and these could come in handy as an excellent alternative to blog posts.

Content marketers can surely achieve similar objectives using podcasts as they would use blog posts, and it is a surefire way of doing content marketing without relying on blog posts.


It is essential to underscore the growing role of audiovisuals in sharing and disseminating information in today’s age. The chances are high that individuals would turn to audiovisual content than they would to written content. Therefore, content marketers could leverage videos in circumstances that they do not want to deploy blog posts in their content marketing operations.

Making Use of Mailing Lists

While mailing lists would involve some form of writing in one way or the other, mailing lists are fundamentally different from the art of coming up with blog posts for content marketing. At times, mailing lists are personalized and are tailored to have much more impact compared to writing blog posts. Therefore, content marketers could focus on building their mailing list, and leveraging them for their content marketing operations so that they can have the most impact.

Social Media

The importance and usage of social media continue to grow, and it is only set to exponentially dominate how people interact and share information in days to come. Therefore, content marketers could harness the power and networks in their social media platforms to attract more followers, share more content -as this could also help to stimulate an interest in users of the product that the marketers are pushing forward.

To sum this up, writing blog posts is an effective way of going about content marketing. Still, it is also essential to keep in mind that there is a whole battery of techniques that could be deployed to market content and stimulate interest in the target audience.



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