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If you were to compare the content marketing strategies of a couple or more companies, the one similarity you will immediately notice is addressing a niche audience. But what exactly is a niche audience? Why is this important? What are the advantages of writing for a targeted niche? You can find the answer to these questions and more in the next paragraphs. Just keep on reading this article.

What Is a Niche?

The word niche refers to products, services, goods, interests and other things specially designed and addressed to a rather small and specialized part of the population. In other words, the products that your company is trying to sell should be targeted towards a category of people who needs or has an interest in that particular field.

You have to remember that social media and content marketing have become so overly saturated with similar posts. You are just starting as a business and you are not sure what your niche is. Then if you are just trying to brand yourself as a fashion creator, chances are that you will remain anonymous. And why is it so?

The Market Is Being Overly Saturated

It is because the market is being overly saturated. And competing against big names in the industry will likely lead you to nowhere. Would your local fashion magazine compete against Vogue? Probably not, but this is not because the quality of the content is not good but because they have made a name for themselves, they have fame, money, and power, whereas your local magazine does not.

So instead of aiming for the tip of the iceberg, and getting lost along the way, start slow, and step by step, make your way to the top. Instead of having your posts compete with those belonging to bigger brands and thus getting lost on the platform, try reaching the hearts of your smaller and more niched audience.

You might have noticed a certain increase in people’s and brands’ descriptions. What was once called a blogger will now operate under the title of content creator with a niche in solo female traveling. If in the past, mixing posts about cats and traveling and psychology would have all been found in the same place, this is almost non-existing today. Especially when you are talking business-related content.

Remember, Quality over Quantity

Battling the numbers is something you should not be concerned with. Yes, it might seem disheartening at first to see that your posts only reach a few people. But what you want to keep in mind is that those people, your targeted audience, who have found you, are most probably there to stay. And that is exactly what you need.

You need a group of people who can bring constant engagement to your posts. Your 10 followers who constantly read your posts, enjoy them, and engage with them are just as valuable as someone else’s 10,000 followers, with a ratio of 10 who read and engage with a post.

Switch It Up

Although having a targeted audience and writing for it is a must, you can also switch things up from time to time. Out of ten posts you write, you can have, for example, two dedicated for a broader audience. This can help bring in new people who might have not known that they have an interest in the matter you are presenting.

All in all, you should remember that having a targeted audience in content marketing is important and that writing for a niche will only help you, in the long run, to develop and create better engagement.

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By Lori Jones

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