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Using the right keywords is vital if you want your website to rank well in search engine results.

There are over a billion websites on the internet as of 2021. The owners of these sites are always looking for new ways to attract visitors. However, competition is at an all-time high in the current year.

New site owners may feel as though they are at a disadvantage when going up against competitors who have been around for many years.

However, it is possible to attract website visitors by using copywriting effectively.

Many site owners have chosen to hire website copywriters to produce content for their sites.

These writers use many strategies to attract visitors. Let’s examine some of these strategies and how you can implement them in your content.

1.      Using the Right Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the best way to attract visitors to your site in 2021.

This refers to a set of rules that search engines such as Google use to rank websites in search results. One of the most important SEO rules is to use the right keywords in your content.

These keywords are based on commonly used search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for websites with their desired content. You can look up high traffic keywords using sites such as Wordtracker or WordStream.

Copywriters should also be aware that including high traffic keywords in their content won’t necessarily guarantee more web traffic.

If many other websites are using the same keywords, it will be harder for your own website to rank well in search engine results.

To get around this problem, copywriters should consider using long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are longer in length and more specific than ordinary keywords.

For example, a simple keyword would be the term “plumbing services”, while a long-tail keyword would be “24/7 plumbing services in Nevada”.

There are likely tens of thousands of websites containing the short-tail keyword, but only a handful of sites that contain the long-tail keyword. This means there is a higher probability of your site ranking in search results for this long-tail keyword.

2.      Choose an Attractive Headline

Choosing an attractive headline is vital when you are attempting to attract visitors. You may be familiar with the term “clickbait”.

This refers to website links or images that are specially tailored to entice users into clicking them.

If you want more people to click on your website and browse its content, you may need to adopt some clickbait style headlines.

Many websites use terms like “unbelievable” or “amusing” in their headlines to draw in readers. However, these can appear tacky to some readers.

Copywriters should focus on making their headlines attractive, but also tasteful at the same time. For example, an article about weight loss tips could include an attractive headline such as “5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast”.

The terms “Easy” and “Fast” should entice readers who are seeking quick and easy weight loss solutions to click on the website link.

In addition to being attention grabbing, headlines should also be descriptive enough to convey what information is contained in the blog or article. This will help attract users who are seeking information regarding a certain topic or problem.

However, these headlines should also be short and concise. After all, no search engine user wants to spend time reading long sentences when they are scrolling down a search results page.

3.      Use the Right Tone and Style

One of the most important aspects of copywriting is understanding your audience. Every copywriter should be familiar with the audience they are writing for, and adjust their tone and style accordingly.

A well throughout tone can invoke an emotional response in your audience and entice them to visit the website again or make a purchase.

For example, if you are addressing a business audience consisting mostly of individuals over the age of 40, you should use a formal tone that sounds professional.

Conversely, if you are promoting a fun product aimed at teenagers, you should use a more warm and lively writing tone.

4.      Create Content That Adds Value

People often seek out information through search engines when they are looking for a solution to a problem, or when they want to learn something valuable.

This means they are more likely to visit websites that offer the type of content they are looking for.

When a copywriter is creating content for a website, they should consider whether or not it is actually offering readers any value.

For example, an article about weight loss exercises will be more valuable if it includes the names and instructions for specific exercises to lose weight.

If the same article only skimmed offered vague exercise advice without going into specifics or using examples, readers may not find much value in reading it.

These readers will then be reluctant to visit the site again in the future, or browse any of the other pages or sections on the site.

5.      Cover Unique Topics

Copywriters can also attract more web traffic by covering unique topics that haven’t been covered by other websites.

This could be a niche interest that few people are into, but also one that is highly interesting to learn about.

If only a handful of websites have covered the same topic, your website will have a higher chance of ranking well in search engine results.

However, copywriters should be careful about their topic choice. In some cases it may be better to cover a topic with high search traffic than a low search traffic niche topic.

Each of the tips mentioned above are invaluable for copywriters who wish to attract more web traffic.

If you are a business owner who wants their website to gain more traction, you should consider using professional copywriting services for your site’s content.

A bit of effort can go a long way, so it’s worth keeping the aforementioned copywriting tips in mind when creating content for your website.

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