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top 6 seo solutions

Are you looking for SEO solutions that will produce results?

When Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is properly implemented, it can prove to be one of the more effective ways of getting the most out of your digital marketing efforts. 

Setting up your own SEO campaign, is more than possible, providing you take all the necessary steps, in a structured and intelligent manner. However, it can be very easy to miss out on key details, when doing things solely by yourself. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the SEO solutions that you can implement on your site today, so you can achieve the results you so much desire.

Top 6 SEO Solutions

1. Mobile-Ready Site

Google made plans, way back in 2018, to make their search engine prioritize mobile websites. This meant, that having a website optimized for the mobile search had become more important than ever before. For this reason, it’s very important that you have a website that is tuned for those kinds of visitors. Most people that use Google, use Google on their mobile phones. 

As each year passes, this portion of the overall search increases. Customers want to access websites with very little trouble, so you need to give that to them. Most visitors have a low attention span, so you only have a couple of seconds to convince them. Make sure your website is mobile-ready, especially now that every website will be put onto the mobile-first index, regardless of whether the site is optimized for it or not. 

2. Monitor Your Content

When it comes to negative SEO attacks, there are many aspects to it that one should be on the lookout for. The alteration of one’s content is one of such things. 

Sometimes your competitors will pay hackers to gain access to your site, and make small changes to damage its rankings in the search engines. 

In many cases, these alterations are missed by the webmaster. 

They might create spammy links to a website that has linked to you in the past. These kinds of links are referred to as reciprocal links. Google has since confirmed that such links are negligible, as they cancel each other out when it comes to passing link juice. 

They could also create a whole load of outbound links, to random pages and websites. 

They could modify your articles, removing your header tags, or putting all your content under a header tag, which in turn fools the search engines. 

To get around this issue, you want to use tools that are designed to check your website for any irregularities. Look out for any changes in the number of outbound links for your website. If you spot any, then increase the security on your site, and undo any and all changes. 

3. Improve Loading Speed

If a visitor is made to wait, more than 5 seconds for a page to load up, in many instances that visitor will leave without having viewed the page. 

The speed at which your site loads, has a big impact on its bounce rate. If your site has a huge bounce rate, it can adversely affect its rankings in the search engines. 

When it comes to rectifying this problem, all you need to do is make your site faster. You want your pages to load up, within that 5 second time period. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is analyze how fast your site currently loads. Monitor how it performs on the various web browsers, like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari. 

You should also look at your server uptime. This will let you know how long your site is up. Downtime is essentially when your site becomes inaccessible to your visitors. When your site is down for considerable lengths of time, it can hurt your rankings, even if it happens for just a couple of seconds, per day. 

There are monitoring services that you can utilize, to ensure your site is operating, and up, for as long as possible. You should also double-check with your hosting company, to ensure that you have a fast hosting package, and a reliable one, at that. 

4. Build Links

Backlinks are the cornerstone of SEO, as they are one of the most integral aspects of ranking in search engines. The search engines use backlinks to determine the trustworthiness of a site. The quality of these links is more important than the quantity of them. So, rather than going for the most amount of links, from any and all websites, it’s best to have a couple of links, from highly targeted websites. 

Many competitors like to create spammy links from poor websites and direct them to their competitors. They do this, in hopes of adversely affecting their rankings. However, the search engines are smart enough to identify such attempts, and will simply ignore said links. So you needn’t worry about it. 

5. Consult Professionals

You don’t need to carry out all your SEO efforts, by yourself. One of the best things that you can do, is seeking the support and help of experts in the field. 

There are SEO professional teams that you can consult, for help in your digital marketing efforts. When you select the right team, they can set you up with an action plan that will ensure everything runs smoothly with minimal hiccups. 

6. Publish Quality Content

The reality of the matter is, if you have poor, subpar content, then all your SEO efforts will do very little to rescue your website. 

On the web you can find hundreds, even thousands of different blogs and articles on every subject matter you can think of. If you want your website to stand out, then it must provide value that surpasses its competitors. 

That means, firstly, you want the content to be original, and secondly, you want it to be relevant to the subject area. Visual aids are also a plus. 

Quality content is one of the most effective ways of establishing trust between your website and the major search engines. Always aim for the very best in content quality and you won’t go wrong.

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