From cappuccinos to mobile dog grooming services, mobile truck tours have been taking businesses and their services on the road with style this summer. All across cities like Los Angeles and New York City, companies are bringing exclusive brand experiences right to the target consumers.

All of them have one goal in mind – to offer a unique experience to their consumers, during which they can shop, and they can interact with the brand representatives.

The result of such mobile tour truck campaigns is quite distinctive – it boost brand recognition by extending a tangible relationship towards their consumers. The results are both qualitative and quantitative.

A majority of the mobile truck tours across the entirety of the US target millennial shoppers. They comprise over 56 million of workers and shoppers in the US. All across NYC and Los Angeles, the millennial populace makes up the lion’s share of the consumer population. They are adults who have unabated access to technology and information. They don’t have time for traditional ad campaigns and marketing stunts. They need something that appeals to their emotional side.

Why are mobile truck tours the best way to reach your millennial consumers?

Here’s why mobile marketing tactics are so successful in targeting millennial shoppers in and around the big cities –

Mobile tour trucks go where the buyers are

Whether it is a health food company or a dog treat manufacturer, a mobile tour truck helps the seller to reach the millennials right where they are. Whether it is a posh neighborhood or a busy office area, millennials are always up for a rare treat that the old marketing techniques don’t provide. Moreover, the reusable decals and branded skins for the trucks garner instant attention from the passersby even on the busiest roads across the country.

It is no wonder that the mobile truck tours in New York City and Los Angeles have been roaring successes over the last few months. Visit Roots3 Productions mobile tours to learn about some of the most popular and successful experiential marketing campaigns that took veteran and new brands for a tour.

Mobile tours can leverage social media

While talking to a millennial, you are likely to find out that he or she is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. No one uses just one social networking site, and NO ONE is off social media nowadays.

Your company can leverage the presence of the quintessential millennial buyer on these social media platforms by posting new content, and product features regularly. Target millennial users using trending hashtags and inform them of your plans to take the brand on the road well before the fixed date.

Set up your mobile tours depending on the website and social media feedback

You can always ensure that your mobile tour truck experience is a success by auditing the website and social pages of your brand regularly. Keep an eye on what the Gen Z and Gen Y followers are saying. Don’t ignore the reviews and comments. Interact with your potential buyers. That is the only way to engage them in real life when you take the bus out of the garage.

Believe in selling the experience

When you are finally ready to unveil your new product and service, remember that you have less than 8 seconds to catch the millennial shopper’s attention. In big cities like NYC, people don’t have the patience or time to hold the suspense. Sell the experience by offering them a taste of your product or service. It can be a pop-up restaurant, café, or apparel shop – just ensure that there is an exclusive brand experience that the millennial shoppers will always relate to your brand name.

Carry your brand values with you

Most millennials are critical of brands that do not pay attention to sustainable business. They are skeptical about companies that do not employ environmentally friendly practices for manufacturing and selling. When taking the mobile bus tour, be sure to explain why you have chosen a bus tour to reach your consumers and how it helps the brand maintain an environmentally friendly image.

If there is something else that gives your brand an edge over the other businesses in the market, don’t forget to uphold that either. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that branded truck tours are suitable for almost all modern businesses across town.

In case you feel that you are way in over your head, we don’t blame you. The millennial shopper isn’t easy to reach or convert. Convincing them to give up one brand and become patrons of your business is quite a challenging task that demands tact and finesse. However, reaching Gen Z and Gen Y in their comfort zone can give you an edge over the market competitors.

All you need is a smart marketing agency that can help you set up experiential campaigns all across NYC or LA to capture the attention of your target consumers.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect DigiPro Marketers’ opinion.

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