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In this age when screens are flooded with information and the human attention span has dropped down to 8 seconds, a majority of businesses have started using Explainer Videos as the new conversion tactic. And the great news is that it works.

Video Rascal did a survey and found that 85% of people are more likely to buy your product if they see an accompanying explainer video.

Companies like Dropbox (10% conversion hike with $48 million extra revenue), RankWatch (27% higher signups), CrazyEgg (64% conversion hike) and NotifyFox (100+ new customers in 1 month) all have accredited an increase in their conversion rates, signups and sales to explainer videos (see more success stories here).

For those new to explainer videos, these are short, 60-90 second marketing videos that communicate how your business works and why people should buy it. Yes, kind of like an elevator pitch.

So if you are looking for a strategy to increase conversions, explainer video is the way to go.

Here is a list of reasons why explainer videos produce conversions:

Explainer videos are attention-grabbing

This marketing technique offers information to visitors in the shortest amount of time. Explainer videos are effective in grabbing the attention of the visitor through creative visuals and short but clear and crisp messages.

The attention span of your audience has already dwindled and is around 8 second as per the latest research. With a limited attention span of so few seconds, it becomes even more important to hook your audience with engaging content. This is where explainer video comes to your rescue.

In fact, studies have shown that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy the product when they watch a video about it.



Use short explainer videos with fun visual elements to attract customers. Make sure that you catch their attention within the first 10 seconds.

They increase visibility and also have the viral factor

Incorporating explainer videos in your marketing strategy can boost your online presence. These videos are shareable. With crisp content served in a limited time frame, they are appealing to the audience. You do not have to try hard to include humor or think out of the box. All you have to do is make these videos engaging.

By placing an explainer video on the homepage of your website, your website’s search engine visibility goes up by 53%. With a right combination of visuals and speech, your explainer video can go viral and do wonders for your brand. Take this CrazyEgg explainer video for example. The video drives an extra $21,000 per month.



Looking to boost your online presence? Boost your visibility through explainer videos. And yes, do not forget to share them on your social profiles. Additionally, if you have been thinking about creating viral content, give explainer videos a try.

Visuals have long-lasting effect on people

Our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster as compared to text. This means that a brand which focuses on visual marketing has a clear advantage over one that relies solely on text.


Plus, a recent finding by Hubspot showed that 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

So if you are using a visual element, explainer videos, for example, your visitors are more likely to retain that information which means that it will be your product that they remember and purchase.


Utilise the potential of visual marketing by creating explainer videos.

Explainer videos showcase your brand personality

You can use explainer videos as the voice of your brand. Explainer videos involve a lot of elements which you can use to your advantage.

Whether it is the narration style, the graphic colors and tone or the sound effects, there is a lot of scope to experiment. Utilise all these elements to highlight your brand’s identity.

Explainer videos add a human element to your brand. Several marketing campaigns (even the ones with great content) tend to fail simply because they are unable to connect with the audience.

Explainer videos, with their simplicity and clarity, tend to connect with the audience on a deeper level. You can gain customers by selling your product but you cannot make them stay for a long time if you fail to connect with them on a personal level.



An explainer video isn’t just about visuals. Make sure that you focus as much on the other elements. A great visual with poor narration won’t get you the same conversions.

Make your explainer videos customer friendly. Show that your brand doesn’t just focus on virtual presence but how it wants to connect with real people.

They offer solutions to both new and existing customers

Your explainer video can be beneficial to both existing as well as new customers. And in case your product/service follows a learning curve, you can use explainer videos as product tutorials.

Explainer videos address the basic idea of marketing: it presents a problem and offers a solution. But your focus should be on explaining how your solution is different from everyone else. When so many brands are focussing on addressing the same pain point, what then is unique about your product or service?

TakeawayPlan your explainer video in a manner that it caters to both the existing and the new audience.

Help in building purchase confidence

When customers buy cushions for their sofa, they use their sense of touch. Similarly, when they buy a perfume, they use the sense of smell. Videos cater to the sense of sight and hearing. Of all five human senses, the sense of sight is the one that has been focused on most when it comes to marketing. So videos can really benefit your market presence.

Customers will buy your product only if they are convinced that it will benefit them in some way. What makes a customer believe in a product? It can be a firsthand trial or a visual demonstration. With explainer videos, you offer the demo of the product/service to the customer, visually.

Takeaway: Show how your product works. Let people see what your product can do for them.

Help in making your product more credible

Like we said, an explainer video offers a solution. It doesn’t really advertise the product. It just employs visual techniques to help your customers understand what you are offering.

With an explainer video, you are just portraying your product instead of going salesy and that is what helps in building credibility.  

TakeawayRefrain from making false promises. Offer solutions in the simplest manner possible.

How can you increase conversions with an explainer video?

  • Identify what kind of explainer video works for your brand

These videos can be diverse. You can create live-action videos, cartoon animation or you can create one with simple stick figures.

The style of explainer video you choose should reflect your brand’s personality. The idea is to convey the right message and use the approach which is most suited to your audience.

Think about your goals. What do you want to achieve with this video? What is the best visual technique to explain your product? Would you prefer animation?


Or some real life footage?


  • Focus on the quality

No one likes a bad quality video even if the content is great. So when you reach out to video production companies for creating your explainer video, don’t let price be the only determining factor.

Quality is something you cannot compromise with. A bad quality explainer video will damage your brand’s reputation and can actually make you lose customers.

So if you are planning to create an explainer video, invest in a company that offers good quality (at a good price).

  • Include a call-to-action

Including a strong call-to-action in your explainer video helps your visitors in understanding what action you want them to take. An effective CTA can help in more people subscribing to your products or services.



Explainer videos are helping to bridge the gap between businesses and customers. They present complex ideas in the simple and persuasive style which encourages viewers to buy into the concept and product.

In terms of conversion hike, not every explainer videos are made equal. Your conversion rates will heavily depend on the video quality, the studio you hired and most importantly on the marketing strategies you employ to connect with your customers. Our expert advice is to put the explainer video on your homepage (top fold), take it with you for sales meetings and conferences, and attach it to cold email pitches you make.

Do note that these killer explainer videos can be anywhere from 60 to 120 seconds. Make sure to hit the sweet spot because engagement rates can fall as the video turns longer.

Have you used an explainer video for your business? Tell us how many conversions you reaped in the comments below.

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