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Digital Signage

Businesses of every size are beginning to take advantage of digital signage. Thanks to its advanced capabilities and growing affordability. If leveraged correctly, digital signage can bring a new life to your marketing content. However, businesses are still in the phase of unlocking the true potential of digital signs. 

Whilst I was exploring Optimum pricing packages, a survey regarding digital signage caught my attention. It detailed how an overwhelming majority of users and customers don’t even remember seeing any digital signs while shopping! That’s because they have not implemented the digital signs effectively.

Whether you are trying to implement it for the very first time, or you are trying to improve a system that you already have, use this guide as your torchbearer. Get the most bang for every buck with these best practices in implementing a comprehensive system of digital signage.

How Digital Signage Really Works

Just as the name implies, digital signage implies the signs created from various digital elements. These include a changing roster of different images, videos, and any other digital element that you may expect to see on a TV or computer. To understand the mechanism of digital signage, know that it is similar to the relationship between the computer tower and desktop monitor, being fed by the ones and zeroes from the tower.

Components of a Digital Signage System

The three components of a digital signage system work in smooth harmony with the wireless network. And then the processes of broadcasting, managing, and organizing imagery all across the visual displays and business locations are carried out.

The following are the three vital components of a complete digital signage system.

#1: Content Management System

Content Management System or CMS is the beginning point of a digital signage system. All the images, videos, graphics, and other forms of content are uploaded to the CMS. They are then displayed as your digital signs wherever you implement them.

#2: Digital Screen

Perhaps the most obvious and mandatory component! Some people make the mistake of overlooking it. You need to consider a number of important variables when you are in the process of selecting screens. Keep these various elements such as price, durability, location, quality, functionality, and others in mind before you select screens.

#3: Digital Signage Player

When you upload various digital elements and assets to your Content Management System, you send all these things across your network. Your media players receive these elements and connect to your individual computer or your network. Vendors often offer these digital signage players in a package with digital signage software.

Best Practices in the Implementation of Digital Signage

Now that we have understood the function and working process of a digital signage system, let’s talk about some best practices to take full advantage of it.

Using Video-Based Content is the Best Practice for More Conversions

It is a well-known fact that video content is currently rated as the most engaging form of content. According to various surveys, consumers enlightened that they find video content to be the most appealing form of content they see on their screens.

Other viable content formats are text-based and static images. But the video clearly tops and reigns supreme in this area. It drives more customers and you experience an enhanced conversion rate. Digital signage systems are flexible and that’s their beauty. You can easily switch between various content types and this depends on the purpose and the subject of the messaging.

Come Up with an Effective Strategy

You don’t have to employ every option though. Just like any other marketing procedure and campaign, for an effective process, it is vital to create a good strategy. Create every digital asset with a clear idea of what is going to be your next ideal action. Consider taking this course of action for creating a strong strategy:

  • Visit your business.
  • Take advantage of a sale.
  • Buy a specific product.

While you undergo this drill, you can clearly monitor various types of content. You can figure out which forms of signage content was most catchy and engaging. See what can tempt the customer to take the next action and make a purchase!

Discount and Sales Messaging Is Very Effective

Notice the message that each form of content conveys. For instance, any form of content regarding discounts and sales attracted more customers. There were more purchases and engagement when the content was about ongoing sales and discounts. And it goes for any format and type of content. Advertising sales is a great way to lure in new customers and spike up your conversion rate.

For instance, while I was trying to get a new internet package, a video caught my attention. It was about the limited-time offer and I could get a very affordable Optimum internet-only price. They tried this marketing hack excellently by using video format. And it didn’t take two seconds to grasp my attention. So remember that people love to save up while shopping and use that in your messaging.

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By Venessa Cade

Venessa Cade is a writer by choice and digital marketing consultant with experience of working with various startups in the past 8 years. She has helped many online businesses and can proudly claim a big part in their success story. When she is not working which is not often, you will see her watching cooking shows nonstop – thanks to reliable AT&T service! Yes, her second passion is cooking.

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