Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

It is 2019, and we have come a long way since the first Google search. In fact, a few days earlier Google unveiled its series of AI-powered advertisement tools. AI, Google and other search options, and content availability and relevance merge to form a holistic approach to marketing nowadays.

5 macro market trends you must know

Macro market trends determine the course of marketing for business leaders and content creators alike. In the fast-paced age of digitisation, the chances of falling behind are quite high if you do not stay abreast with the latest trends in your industry.

So here are the latest 5 trends that are all set to rule the roost for digital marketing for 2019. Take a look and incorporate the same if you want to have an extra edge over your competitors this year.

  • AI in marketing

AI or artificial intelligence is the talk of the town nowadays. With new age businesses introducing automation, machine learning, predictive analysis techniques and a lot more in their day to day operations, AI looks to be the next big thing. The domain of digital marketing is no exception either, and here are some of the top trends for AI in marketing for 2019.

1. Personalisation all the way

Customising promotional content for your target audience is one of the best ways that you can strike a chord. With around two-thirds of businesses expecting a 6% increase in revenue due to personalisation tactics, it is time that you merge AI with marketing as well.

Personalisation lets you channel the right kind of content to the right people. How many times have you enquired about the price of your favourite pair of shoes using Google search only to have footwear commercials prop up in between your Facebook newsfeed? That is AI in marketing right there.

Cashing in on the consumer data on behaviour, preferences and purchasing styles, AI lets you create personalised content that hits the nail right on the head with your target audience.

2. Custom content features

Be it email marketing or social media marketing, customise content in a way so that it is relatable and relevant to what your consumers are looking for online. If you don’t take your content creation game seriously enough, the chances are that you will fall behind in the competition.

Make use of the intel that you receive about your consumers through AI. Let predictive analysis guide you towards understanding consumer behaviour and choices better. Then you can use that knowledge to create content that appeals to your consumers directly. Delivering content customised for your consumers greatly increases the sales. Studies show that 90% of consumers find custom content to be pretty helpful and AI analytics can help you achieve that with ease.

  • Content marketing trends

Content is king, and we all know that by now. Creating great content is the mantra to success that all digital marketers swear by, and you should too.

This year brings quite a few trends for content marketing and here are the two key players in that field. Once you ensure that you have converged the following trends with your content marketing game plan for the year, you can rest assured that your marketing strategies are going to be bang on target.

3. Make way for visual content

Videos, infographics, GIFs, pictures, illustrations, charts, diagrams and maps are fabulous and interactive ways of engaging your target audience through content.

With the rapid increase in smartphone and social media users, the demand for visual content is making its presence felt in the marketing domain.

Visual content makes way for 650% more engagement rates across all social media platforms, so maybe it is time that you include your fair share in the content that you bring out as well. Leading marketers predict that almost 79% of all content shared across the Internet this year will contain videos or any other form of visual content. Hence, visual content marketing is one of the critical trends you should watch out for this year.

4. Short-lived content sells more

With the advent of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories, content that disappears from social media after a point of time is taking the cake when it comes to content creation.

The latest trend that content marketers are swearing by revolves around short-lived content that does not have a permanent place online.

Trends suggest that 2019 will be the year when most brands will be taking to social media with their own range of visual and interactive short-lived content. Promoting your brand through engaging content with a short online lifespan is thus the way to go.

  • New-age search trends

The way that Google has revolutionised search over the Internet speaks volumes about the future of search and the scope of Internet converging with cutting-edge tech.

Voice search has emerged as a vital element in this realm. Marketers all over the globe are thus coming up with innovative content to cater to the relevance and immediacy factors of web search patterns among consumers.

You should keep in mind the following trends when designing an integrated marketing strategy for your business in 2019 to match steps with the future.

5. Captivating voice search and micro-moments

Devices and tech tools such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa are integrated platforms where AI blends with voice search seamlessly.

You instruct Alexa to find you a cab, and there’s a cab waiting outside within minutes. The entire cab-booking task takes place through your smartphone that is triggered by your voice search. The cab-booking companies that could answer your query most promptly and effectively ultimately emerge as the champion as far their marketing campaign goes.

The same goes for cashing in on micro-moments. One of the biggest marketing trends of the year before, micro-moments are when the real interactions happen with your consumers.

The four key micro-moments of “I want to go”, “I want to do”, “I want to buy” and “I want to know” are of great importance when you are creating content that fits perfectly with the search criteria of your target audience. Integrate the same with voice search factors, and you will have a robust strategy to take this trend by your stride.

In conclusion

AI, content and search trends form the primary pillars of marketing in the digital age. As AI becomes gradually accessible to all, marketing teams across the world for various organisations and businesses are making the most of it by using AI for their updated marketing strategies.

The trends for the current year say a lot about the type and distribution of content using the various digital media platforms. Integrating search and content relevance, AI can bridge together clever marketing strategies and updated tech evolution.

Invest in AI-enabled technologies for monitoring marketing and implementing your promotional strategies, and use new age and relevant content to rope in loads of revenue. Good luck in your endeavours. May the future be with you!

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