Entrepreneurship can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. While it may sound really exhilarating to finally get your ideas, aspirations and visualizations assembled into a viable product or service solution, but if you fail to get it noticed by your prospective customer, there is no point in spending your time, money and energies in any further engineering or processing; even if you are passionate about it.

Ironically, “I have a great product, but how do I get my prospective customers to know about it?” remains the dilemma for most of the startups. Passionate entrepreneurs put their hearts and heads into creating innovative solutions but when they fail to advertise and familiarize it to the target market; the startup cripples, the entrepreneurs get burned out, discouraged and eventually quit.

The funny thing is that a popularizing any product or service today is easy like never before. Thanks to the abundance of available channels on the internet; you can now promote your product and bring in new leads without requiring too much of money and expertise. While the conventional marketing channels may cost you loads of money, time and expertise; digital marketing guarantees a great exposure to your products at a minimal cost.

The Internet is arguably the best medium of reaching potential clients and increasing brand awareness. However, you need to put your efforts in the right direction and consistently work on designing new campaigns to stay on top of the trends. Nevertheless, a misjudged maneuver could be fatal. In this article, we are going to highlight some tips aimed at promoting your products online more effectively. These tips are easy to implement strategies that you can use to increase brand awareness and communicate with your potential customers more effectively.

1. Use The Power of Social Media

Social media has successfully emerged out as the king of all digital marketing platforms and is not going to give its throne in any time soon. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have active social media accounts for your brand on all potential social media platforms.

Here are some tips for sharing your blog posts on social media so that you drive the more engagement and exposure.

Come up with highly engaging and interactive content that has the ability to influence customer’s mind even before he/she/ze even thinks of making a purchase. For an extensive brand reach, marketers must capitalize on modern and interactive social media content distribution channels like polls, surveys, live-streaming, video blogging, demos and etc.

Use relevant keywords and hashtags because they aid discoverability. If you want your product to reach a larger audience, you must include keywords as they make it easy for social media channels to navigate the vast sea of content and feed the relevant content to the users in the quickest manner through specific keywords.

Consistency is the key in social media marketing. Consistency allows you to grow audience engagement; reach and most importantly it create an identity that customers can relate to. The timing of your posting is also an important factor in consistency. Thankfully, there are a lot of social tools like buffer that let you automatically schedule your content to all your social media accounts. Buffer can even tell you when the best time for you to post based on analyzing your stats.

2. Unleash the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is arguably one of the most powerful tools of modern age marketing and advertising. It is a perfect and cost effective tool that gives you the opportunity to directly communicate with your customers in a fast fashion. The benefits and effectiveness of email marketing is no secret, however; here are some tips to drive the maximum results out of your email marketing campaigns.

  • Segmentation is one the most critical aspects of any successful email marketing campaign and must be paid attention to. It is a really powerful mechanism. According to the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report, 39 percent of businesses that segmented their email lists had increased open rates.
  • Make your emails more personal. Customers get really frustrated when they receive generic emails from the brand and as it makes them feel they are interacting with bots. Human are emotional creatures and want to be treated that way. Try to create a story and avoid using too many Sir’s and Mam’s.
  • Include powerful Call to Actions in your email. Call to actions make your customers do want them to do. Carefully place all the call to actions and you can also a P.S. note at the end to keep your customers more intact and engaged.

3. Do Blogging – Use the power of Content Marketing

Modern day marketing is all about your ability to tell stories. Humans love listening to good stories. This is why the importance of blogs is undeniable as it is a perfect tool to reinforce your brand ideology by establishing an emotional and personalized connection with your audience. In today’s modern world where customers have more control over the buying process; blogging can be very clinical in influencing customer’s mind and increasing brand loyalty.

However, running a successful blog for your product marketing takes a lot of factors in consideration. Here are some tips to supercharge your product blog.

  • First of all; make your blog easily discoverable. Optimize your blog posts so that it’s easy for your prospective customers to find you. Use on page optimization techniques to improve ranking and visibility.
  • Design your blog in a way that it connects you with your target audience. Analyze and interpret your target audience and create content that provides them something of significant value. Don’t focus solely on the product as no one wants to see a display of your products 24/7. Try to entertain and educate your customers and nudge them into the sales funnel in a very subtle way.
  • Turn your blog into a customer care center. Try to answer all those questions that your prospective customers are asking through other channels like emails and phone calls.

There are dozens of other ways as well to advertise your product online. One such effective way is to develop a website for your brand and sale your product or service via online store. However; I have only focused on the free and the most popular mediums of online promotion that can bring the best results for your startup as they have been tested, approved and recommended by veterans in the field. So it’s time for you to step up your internet marketing game and take full advantage of it.


Author Bio:

Asad Ali is an internet marketing expert for almost 8 years. He is currently working at GO-Gulf – a premium web design company, where he is working on numerous projects for eCommerce SEO, user experience, conversion optimization and targeting relevant audience for the clients. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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By Asad Ali

Asad Ali is an internet marketing expert for almost 8 years. He is currently working at GO-Gulf – a premium web design company, where he is working on numerous projects for eCommerce SEO, user experience, conversion optimization and targeting relevant audience for the clients. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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