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Best Ecommerce Solutions - BuildaBazaar


The merchants with little or no knowledge of how to build an online storefront tend to search for an online guide for the same. I have explained below a step-by-step guide to build a BuildaBazaar store.

If you are a small business with zero technical grips and looking for an eCommerce store builder with a highly functional CMS and features integrated, then you will find that creating a BuildaBazaar store is as easy as ABC.

It is for you to follow all the instructions until the end to get a successful store built.

If any of you face any kind of obstacle during the creation of website do write me the comment section. I will surely get back to you.

What is BuildaBazaar?

In the most simple of words, BuildaBazaar is a custom eCommerce software platform based in India. The platform was specifically designed for the small enterprises, who have an idea in mind and want to sell online with a hosted platform.

It is a SaaS-based platform i.e. it gives you all the shopping cart tools to build online store. The platform is ideal for those who have no technical knowledge and would like to sell online without paying huge sums to developers.

To start with BuildaBazaar, the business owner will have to pay a small amount and select a plan for the software for the monthly rental. The amount may vary depending on the plans and features that you choose for your store. Buildabazaar offers you with myriad customizable plans to meet different business requirements, choose the one which best suits and set up your business online.

But, I am sure the payment is well justified as you get your store created and the huge orders are going to pay you back.

BuildaBazaar provides you with the best of software and hardware solutions to set your site’s framework with one of the best servers. Thus making your store data and the user data 100% safe.


With the introduction, you might have got an idea what BuildaBazaar is like and why it is ideal for small businesses. Now let’s get started with the step-by-step guide to build an online store on the same. In the article below you will find a detailed explanation of how to get started with BuildaBazaar and what thing to keep in mind while building a store.

STEP 1. Signing In

Best Ecommerce Solutions - BuildaBazaar

The very first thing that you have to do is rush into the official website of BuildaBazaar and Sign Up using the TRY IT FREE button.

As soon as you hit the button you will be redirected to the PRICING page of the site whereas a user you get the basic four packages to choose from.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gold Plus
  • EnterpriseBuildabazaar PRICING

Check for the features that you are looking for and opt for an ideal plan.

If you are an enterprise and want to check the ENTERPRISE plan then request the quote from the technical team of BuildaBazaar. The team will get in touch with you, understand your requirements and quote you accordingly.

As soon as you are done selecting the plan again click on the TRY IT FREE button. After this, you will get a basic Sign up form for your store. Fill up the details such as your store name, email address, password and contact number.

Complete the email verification process. Note that this article is just a guide choose the corresponding actions only after reading all the terms and condition of the platform.

STEP 2. Select the ideal suitable template for your store

themjungle template

The email verification page will redirect you to the page where you will start with building your store.

From the assorted and mixed collection of eCommerce website themes select the ideal suited one, that fits with the concept of your brick and mortar store and your idea.

Set up the company logo and decide the look and feel of your website to give your customers the best shopping experience and connect better with them. After all the website is built with the idea of generating revenue and get a brand value.  

STEP 3. Add Products

Add Products in Buildabazaar

On entering the admin dashboard you will get prompts to add products to your catalog. Under the Catalog, sub-menu add a product or select bulk upload option.

Here you can manage your inventory, with the encyclopedic CMS (Content Management System) it becomes easy for a beginner to manage all the aspects. With s simple User interface of BuildaBazaar CMS add products, manage the description, the SEO details, the product details and the inventory.

Add as many products that you want. There are tons of fields to fill, fill wisely and complete as much as necessary.

STEP 4. Customize The Store

Customize Buildabazaar Store

To sell online all you need a beautiful story to narrate. BuildaBazaar CMS makes it easy for the non techie to narrate this story well.

The website first created will look common like a generic bunch of stores. Make it stand-off the crowd, add little tweaks like color themes, logo, the menu style.

Under the “LOOK AND FEEL” sub menu add banners images and content. The new website of BuildaBazaar called ThemeJungle. it has a collection of more than 100 themes. There you can browse from the theme of your choice and make your BuildaBazaar store look more personal and unique.

STEP 5. Domain Setup

Domain Setup

Done with the set-up of your site? Now how will it be visible to your customers?

Head to the DOMAIN AND ANALYTICS SECTION. You will be asked to add a domain name to your website. Go with a new one or import your site to an existing one. Since we are here in this article, it might be sure that you might be looking for a new one.

The BuildaBazaar system will guide you through the whole process until the point of activation and you can see your site come alive!

STEP 6. Activate Payment Gateway

Activate Payment Gateway

When people will make purchases from your online store it is likely that you will be paid. More than you want to receive the money right?

In the Admin panel, you have an option called PAYMENT GATEWAYS. Select the payment processors that you want to handle the payment process.

Share the merchant ID and password of your payment gateway account and the integration kit with the BuildaBazaar officials.

Once you have integrated the payment gateway, go to the admin panel and enable the payment gateway.

STEP 7. Launch Your Store

Done with all the steps? Dotted All Your I’s And Crossed All Your T’s? Now is the time to launch your online store. Get some traffic to your site and convert them into sales.

Happy Business with BuildaBazaar.

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