Social media platforms have transformed the way we live. These platforms have become an essential part of almost every person’s day-to-day life. Therefore, promoting your brand on social media is bound to open new avenues for you. However, tech brands might face a problem in doing so as tech marketing is generally trickier than the marketing of other general brands, products, and services. If you have been on the lookout for a comprehensive social media marketing guide for tech brands, we have got you covered.

1.  Strategize

Tech brands are abundant in the market. Hence, the competition for tech brands is throat-cutting. Even if you and your competitors are dealing in the same products/services, there might be certain things that you do better than them. Focus on that. Figure out your uniqueness and bank on that. The public links tech brands to dull and mundane content. You will gain more visibility if you break this stereotype. By planning your content well in advance, you gain a strategic advantage over your competitor. Here are a few steps that can get you started on devising a suitable strategy:

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis: For the uninitiated, SWOT analysis means examining your and your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and deriving a conclusion from that. Go through your competitor’s social media handles and figure out where they are going wrong. When you analyze their content through a layman’s eyes, you will come across many things that you find boring. Ensure that you do not repeat their mistakes.
  • Figure out the conversation starters: When you analyze your competitors’ content, you might realize that there are certain things that they haven’t covered yet. Use such things as conversation starters.
  • Other relevant steps: Once you have learned from the mistakes of your rivals and decided on your marketable factors and conversation starters, start posting content strategically. This is all that you need to have a great head start. Once you begin on the right foot, the sky’s the limit for your tech brand.

2.  Indulge in some rigorous video marketing

While studying trends, you will notice the impact of video marketing. Not only do videos fare better in the SEO department, but they also tend to grab more attention than any other form of social media content. Even if you are a tech brand that does not cater to the customers directly, you can still give your brand a face by indulging in some video marketing. Moreover, videos are the easiest way to explain even the most difficult of phenomena to the commoners. You can, hence, create educational videos to give your tech brand a boost. As a tech brand, you might already be familiar with the relevance of a video maker and editor in the process of video marketing. Here are some more points reiterating its importance:

  • Simplification of the job: Being tech-savvy, you might be great at dealing with technology. However, who doesn’t like it if their job is simplified manifold? Video makers do exactly that for you.
  • Saves time: When your work is no longer as complicated as it used to be, you are going to save a lot of time. You can use this time in accomplishing other important tasks. Therefore, a video editing tool is not only a simplifier but also a time saver.
  • Budget-friendly: If your tech brand is still at its initial stages, chances are that you do not have a gigantic budget to devote to social media marketing. Nowadays, video makers come in almost every price range. Some of them are even free of cost. Hence, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to video market your brand and its services/products on social media.
  • Creation of interesting content: Educational videos do not have to be boring. Make use of a video maker to add some fun to a technical-content-heavy video. Incorporate some storytelling and fun GIFs to add life to your existing tech video.

3.  Showcase your expertise and share your wins

Operating a tech brand implies that you have a huge advantage over the other regular brands and businesses. Your ability to access technology sets you apart. Draw your potential client’s attention by indulging in some AI and AR. Create and post high-quality video content that immediately fascinates the users. Use your expertise in video editing tools to add entertaining GIFs, captivating music, and fascinating transitions to make your regular videos more appealing to the masses. Your technical expertise is your asset. Apart from projecting it in successful social media campaigns, showcase it also on your grid. Share your achievements with the world so that your potential clients develop faith in you.

4.  Stay up-to-date

Staying up-to-date is one of the biggest requirements of social media marketing. While this is an important factor for all brands, it is all the more important for tech brands. If you do not want to come off as obsolete, staying updated with the latest social media trends and measures is a must. Here are a few latest things that you can incorporate in your content to stay updated:

  • Live video: While it is great to promote your brand through marketing videos, live videos are a great way of communicating with your potential clients. You can strike a chord with your viewers through the medium of live videos.
  • Conducting polls: Analytics play a significant role in determining what is working for you and what is not. Polls are a great way to gauge what your audience wants to see more. Also, you can use modern elements such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter polls to not only appear updated but also to make your audience feel that their opinions matter.
  • Use hashtags: Use hashtags, but in moderation. Social media giants devised hashtags to increment the traction on posts. Therefore, using hashtags is an important modern tool to increase engagement on your posts. However, one must not overdo this and use only the relevant hashtags.


Social media can play a pivotal role in boosting your tech brand’s visibility and reach. Even though posting regularly on various social media platforms is advantageous, you must be mindful of what you post. Use the above guide to begin your social media marketing journey with a bang!

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