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Best Monitoring Technology That Can Protect Your Teen Online

The internet has turned to a dangerous place. Did you know that the US has the highest cybercrime rate in the world? Norton released a study of global cybercrime. In it, US citizens are the highest targeted by cybercriminals. That is a worrying statistic. Especially if we consider that our teens could very likely be targeted.

Then there are malware and viruses that lurk around every corner. That is why internet security protection software are more important than ever. So, how can we protect our teens from the horrors on the net? Well, as parents we need to sit and talk with them. But, let’s be honest. How likely are they to actually hear what we have to say? So as an added measure, monitoring technology can help save the day.

But are parents that tech savvy? This blog is exactly what those parents need to read.

What is Monitoring Technology?

Parental monitoring/control technologies are things that help parents keep their children safe. With them, we can monitor the usage of our teens online. We can see who they contact and who contacts them. Where they go and which websites they frequent.

Types of Risks Teens Face Online

  • Predators

We might not like to think about it, but the fact is there are predators in the world. And what’s even worse is they have found the internet. They engage our kids online through fake social media accounts. It is our primary duty as parents to protect our teens from malicious people.

  • Cyber-Bullying

Another major risk our teens can face is cyber-bullying. It can have some serious consequences if left unchecked. You would have likely heard of the term at one of the meets at your child’s school. Since most of our children’s lives are online, they tend to take social media comments seriously. And as a result, may suffer from long-lasting effects.

  • Addiction

Children today, especially teenagers, can get easily addicted to things. One of the risks of internet over-use is that you get dependent on it. If your child grows up dependent on the internet, it is not good for their overall development. The internet is meant to be used as a tool, not the other way around.

Benefits of Monitoring Technology

  • Good Online Etiquettes

Many parents use monitoring technology to encourage good online etiquettes. It is obvious that the future of interaction is online. That is why it is important to instill good online etiquettes in our children at an early age. Knowing the fact that they’re being monitored can change the way your teen interacts online.

  • Online Reputation Management

Even though we may forget, the internet does not. Teens, in particular, have the habit of boasting about their shenanigans online. It may be all fun and games right now, but this can be a setback for them in the future. Most employers today have already started to streamline applicants based on online background checks. Monitoring technology can help stop your child from posting something that might affect their prospects.

  • Cost Cutting

Unfortunately, teenagers tend not to care about the money spent. Especially if they have access to your credit cards. You can save a lot from monitoring their in-app purchases.

Best Monitoring Technology Options

  1. Circle
  2. Kaspersky
  3. Norton
  4. Net Nanny
  5. Qustodio

Let’s discuss each in detail.

#1. Circle

Circle is a cube-shaped device that connects to your Wi-Fi network at home. Once connected, it can manage the internet usage of every device that is connected. You can use it to filter the content your child can view online. As well as set bedtime limits by pausing the internet services for the night.

#2. Kaspersky

Unlike Circle, Kaspersky is monitoring software. It can support all devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones. Within the program, you can create profiles for your children and include as many devices as you want. With it, you can control not just devices but also the apps installed in them. You can monitor and control Facebook usage. And also filter what your child can watch. Additionally, geofencing is one of the most used features. What it does is, alert you when your child leaves or enters any preset locations. So you can also get notifications if your teen visits places they aren’t supposed to.

#3. Norton

Norton is a trusted provider of online security suites. They have launched a monitoring service that you can use without the need to install any software. It’s completely web-based. And the web dashboard interface keeps things simple to use. One of the main advantages of the program is that it is affordable. But a major drawback is that it doesn’t support Mac.

#4. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is the monitoring software that can control all brands of devices. Additionally, you can control the internet usage on all the devices as well.

#5. Qustodio

Qustodio is an app that you can download. Its content filtration can also handle HTTPS. And the time scheduling option can help you control internet usage. The application also has a location tracking feature. You can use it to check where your teenagers go after school.


It is the duty of a parent to make sure their children are safe. The internet is no longer a safe space for children. Especially when they’re in the teenage years and curiosity has the better of them. You need to do your research about what else you can do about online security.

Personally, I started off by contacting my Cox customer support for information on what security options they offer. Find out the same from your service provider. But though monitoring technology can help, you should also speak with your kids. Teach them about the security risks online and how to avoid them.

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