Running a successful business during the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging. Even though we can’t guarantee there will be no virus crisis in 2022, we can help you get through it by improving your business.

It’s commonly known that adequate plans, budget, and teamwork make a business successful. However, one important aspect is frequently overlooked: communication! You’ve surely noticed how unreliable information, gossips, and miscommunication negatively affect the performance of your company.

Now is the time to put an end to that and focus on forming the quality bond and adequate in-house communication. So, what are the benefits of adequate communication between employees and managers?

1. Builds relationships

Most managers and employees know that communication is important, but they’ve never asked themselves why is it crucial for the company! Let’s face it, not everybody is open in communication, especially when it comes to managers and superiors. However, people need to step outside of their comfort zones, communicate and get to know each other better. How will that help your business?

If you build solid relationships with employees through communication, they will trust you more and be open about the issues they are facing daily. This will lead to trustworthy relations that will make it easier for you to understand your employees’ struggles and help them. On the other hand, open communication will help your employees gain insight into your goals and wholeheartedly embrace them.

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2. Increases motivation on both sides

If you decide to start a new chapter based on open communication with your employees, besides solid relationships, you’ll see many other benefits for your company. One of them is certainly increased motivation. How can communication affect motivation?

Even though the correlation isn’t simple, once your base your relationship on trust and open communication, your employees will be more motivated to complete their tasks and work productively. On top of that, if you interact with your employees, you’ll have a clear insight into what motivates them, which will help you set clearer goals and more attractive rewards. Also, it will motivate you to indulge in their work a little more, without interfering too much!

3. Develops a workplace culture

Just like every business has a brand, every company has a workplace culture whether you actively work on it or not. The way you treat your employees and the way they feel while they are working affects the culture. Even though you all may be working remotely or following a hybrid work style, culture is an essential part created by the way you communicate. How can you improve it?

To avoid toxic workplace cultures, never spread rumors or gossip. It’s one of the worst things that can happen to an organization. If you run a large business with over 500 employees, suppression won’t be possible, but try to keep it at a minimum. Respect and appreciate your employees, and most importantly, fulfill your promises!

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4. Helps resolve issues

No matter how perfect your organization is, sooner or later there will be some conflicts. Even though you can choose people who will be in your team, having different opinions and experiences is a beauty of diversity! So, use trust, honesty, and open communication to resolve any conflicts that may appear.

On top of that, relationship conflicts aren’t the only ones that may appear. Many businesses face daily struggles, problems with clients, banks, budgets, and many others. Don’t worry; that’s normal! However, with open communication with your employees, you may together resolve these issues and find the best possible solution for everyone involved!

5. Allows growth and recognition

We will be direct with this one: if you don’t communicate with your employees, you won’t notice their growth potential nor you’ll recognize their performance and hard work. You need to be partly involved in their daily activities to follow their performance and results. So, communication there is crucial!

Your employees need to trust you enough to tell you that they’d like a role change or advancement in their career. On the other hand, you need to have an okay relationship with your employees to decide when they deserve a salary hike or a bonus! So, communication allows you both to have insight into performances and results which helps you set realistic goals and improve relationships.

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6. Creates collaborative team

Some of the best ideas were born when managers gave their employees a chance to present ideas. Even though people who work for you might not have as much experience as you do, by listening to their creative thinking and brainstorming you can improve your business. That’s how communication creates a collaborative team!

Teamwork is critical for success as every member can contribute with their skills and abilities. Therefore, ensure to leave some time for group meetings where you can share ideas and improve the business together! Don’t forget to reward the team for helping you achieve the milestones. After all, you’re all in this together.

7. Plays a huge role in engagement

Did you know that team leaders and managers are a crucial link between talented employees, results, and engagement? Employees’ performance depends on their engagement in the business. But you can’t expect them to create such an environment themselves as they don’t have the authority nor the resources to do so. So, how can you communicate with your employees to make them more engaged?

There is no simple answer to that question. As in 2022 more and more companies will be shifting to remote work, you’ll need to come up with a way to keep your front-line workers engaged and informed. Instead of using apps that are uncertain and unsafe for your business, such as Facebook and similar messengers, consider the Workplace by Facebook alternatives that provide you with a safe space to send files, share information or simply chat with your employees. With such an app, they will want to be engaged and keep up with workplace events.

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8. Improves retention

Just like you have metrics and KPIs of your website’s performance, you need to follow key indicators for your overall business performance. One of them is certainly fluctuation and retention of your employees. So, how can in-house communication improve retention?

Employees who are satisfied with workplace relations and communication in the team, as well as with managers, are less likely to leave their jobs even if they are offered a higher salary elsewhere! It’s up to you as a superior to work on that and ensure high job satisfaction as top talents are hard to replace. So, instead of creating a toxic atmosphere and scare away your employees, work on retaining your best performers by building strong and open communication.


As you can see, communication plays a crucial role in every organization. It is beneficial for both managers and employees. No matter at which end are you, you can always obtain certain benefits from open communication. So, work on creating a strong bond and be open to suggestions.

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