In today’s world, digital marketing is a fantastic way to promote your product and services. A digital campaign not only helps you create awareness about the product, but it also helps you generate leads. Using a digital platform to promote your work can be considered fruitful for your business.

Digital marketing campaigns permit you to target the ideal interest group, and another reason is that digital marketing campaigns are much more cost-effective than conventional marketing campaigns. 

In this era of digitalization, various digital tools are available on the internet. These tools can be used to get better insights into your potential customers. The data collected by the analytics is considered to be very beneficial for any organization as it allows them to develop a product based on their customer’s needs. 

Once the customer’s requirement is fulfilled, it results in customer satisfaction, helping the company build a lifelong relationship with the customers.

Why is it essential to have a website?


There was a time when there were no smartphones, and the only way to access a website was through a computer. But in the current scenario, the technology has become more advanced, and most of the population owns a smartphone. Most of the time, people use their phones to surf the internet.

In this age of digitalization, having a website for your business is very crucial. Having a website permits you to promote your organization online, and it also helps increase the trust factor between the company and the customer. A website provides detailed information about the business and its products and services. The websites enable the audience to review the product specifications, assess others who have utilized the product and provide total control over their experience. 

According to research, 51.53% of the website traffic worldwide is generated by mobile phones. Therefore, nowadays, one needs to develop a compatible website with both the computer and the smartphone. And mobile traffic has increased by 222% in the last seven years.

Why is Responsive Website Important?

 In 2015, Google reported that a website’s mobile-friendliness would be considered a ranking factor in its algorithms. It implied that the websites that were not compatible with the mobile phone would possibly lose some ground in search engine results since they would not satisfy the customers using mobile phones. Another significant factor behind investing in a responsive website is that it is cost-effective. Maintaining different websites for different types of devices means spending a lot of money. Investing in responsive web design will save you some cash by taking out the expense of paying for so many websites.

If you dream of having a successful business, then investing in a responsive website is wise. A responsive website can react or adjust based on the technology and the type of gadget used by an individual to visit the website. It is fundamentally one web design that will take a gander at any size – from a small screen mobile phone to an enormous desktop screen. A responsive website makes sure that a visitor’s experience is not based on their screens’ size.

Customer experience is vital for every business because one will take the purchase decision in favor of the company only if satisfied with their experience. A better online experience helps in increasing the sale. Responsive design plays a crucial role in convincing the user to try your services or products once as it is fast and easy to use and meets the customers’ expectations.

Importance of SEO

Having a website is not enough in this digitally advanced world. Search Engine Optimization is described as a process of improving your website to expand its permeability for significant quests. There are better chances of attracting potential customers to your page with a good website rank on the search engine. 

It is said that the content is the king. Therefore, to increase the traffic on your website, you should post content relevant to your audience. An increase in website traffic means a better ranking of your website. As claimed by the E-Commerce Foundation, 88% of the individuals research the product or service before making a purchase decision. A good ranking of the website on the search engines boosts the credibility of the brand. Being in the top search results implies that the search engine considers you a valuable, helpful, and certifiable source of information and prefers you over other similar websites. Search engine optimization sets up your site’s authority through different practices like getting backlinks from another trustworthy website of the same niche, enhancing on-page content, improving your website for better customer experience, etc. 

Search engine optimization can do wonders for a business. Insights demonstrated an average of 14.6% close rate is accomplished from SEO leads, contrasted with 1.7% immediate leads from outbound leads. With a good positioning of your website on a search engine can promise you higher conversion rates. If you maintain a good ranking of your website on the internet, it will help you increase the brand recall value. Also, it will help you create awareness about your brand among potential customers. Therefore, when customers become aware of your product or service, there is an excellent possibility that the client will invest in your products. 

According to the Search Engine Journal, the cost of lead generation can be lowered by 61% by using the inbound leads. SEO brings down publicizing costs. At the point when you are already a top rank holder, there is no requirement for you to pay per click or promote your page. You will keep on remaining over the top of the search results as long as the internet user clicks on your search link. Search engine optimization accompanies extraordinary into your customers, the time when your users are most active, the geographic locations from where your website is getting the majority of its traffic, the language used by them while looking for the information, etc. While you can utilize the Google Keyword Planner to know the generally applicable keywords to your business, Google Analytics will reveal to you a great deal about client browsing patterns, inclinations, etc. 

It will not just help you arrange your SEO system yet, course-correct on the off chance that you see new patterns in your customer’s behavior. A good website should follow an organized structure. It should be easy to use and provide all the necessary information to its audience. Both search engine optimization and responsive design are dependent on each other. As mentioned earlier, Google offers an inclination to mobile-friendly websites. 

An SEO company in Pune can blend the website with other SEO factors to significantly lift website and social presence in search engine results. If you are looking for a company that can help you direct organic traffic to your website, they can help you. They will help you plan an SEO strategy to take your business to a higher level. A responsive and SEO-friendly website may be considered fruitful for your business with a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate.

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By Hrishikesh Deshmukh

Hrishikesh is a technopreneur who successfully leads software and digital marketing company in Pune - TTDigitals. He has 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing/ Software development and has worked at various levels i.e. Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Head at various reputed startups such as, etc. He is an IT engineer from MIT, Pune, and PGDM from Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research. In a very short time, Hrishikesh started DigitalSeed in Aug 2016 and has provided service to more than 100 clients until date; he has delivered outstanding results for all of his clients, going beyond the call of his duties, which helped him to scale DigitalSeed which presently has strength of 15 employees and 2 offices (Latur & Pune).

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