In today’s highly competitive online market, having a great product is not enough to stand out. Enhancing the visibility of your site in the digital space has to be one of your main goals. And having an appropriate SEO strategy in place will let you do it effectively. 

When you know all the right ways to strategize SEO for your pharma business, you get multiple associated benefits. It generates more traffic, converts potential customers into actual buyers, and, most importantly, boosts your brand awareness.

So, are you wondering how to get your pharma website on the first page of the search engine results pages? Below are a few factors to help you begin on the right foot.

1. Make Your Site Design Straightforward and Simple

The rule of thumb here: the simpler the website design, the faster it is for your visitors to get what they are looking for.

Therefore, the goal is to make all the content accessible within two clicks, and not more than that. It is a simple matter of improving your website’s user experience when the visitors find it difficult to access your site—their chances of moving on to your competitor’s site increases. 

You need to make sure that your site has a clear sitemap and an easy-to-use navigation bar to guide visitors towards what they need seamlessly.

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2. Optimize Every Page of Your Pharma Website for SEO

Keep in mind that every page of your website presents golden opportunities for SEO. After all, optimizing on-page elements is one of the surest ways to increase site traffic. For every webpage, you should focus on four factors, which are: 

  • Headers
  • Title tags
  • Images
  • Body copy

It is essential to optimize all the images using alt text, and the rest of the elements with relevant keywords to help the crawlers easily find what they are looking for. 

However, remember that using relevant keywords doesn’t mean that you should pitch in the keywords anywhere. Keyword stuffing would not help your ranks on the search engines. 

3. The Importance of Backlinks Remains Constant

Backlinks are still important when it comes to SEO ranking for Cannabis stores. The correct backlinks indicate Google that your website provides value & authentic content. Thus, it will do three critical jobs for you:

  • Build your credibility
  • Generate online traffic
  • Get you higher ranks on Google

So, whenever you write, share, and distribute content, start figuring out the number of backlinks to be drawn from that content. It will be easier for you to figure this out once you can understand the gaps that your content can fill in the pharma industry.

Remember never to stop looking for opportunities for backlink generation to the pages of your website.

4. Prioritize Mobile-First Indexing Just Like the Search Engines

Studies suggest that fifty percent of e-commerce revenues come from the mobile platform. Moreover, sixty percent of the users prefer not to go back to a website with a responsive website. 

So, if your website does not load at a reasonable speed and fails to offer an improved user experience on the mobiles, you’ll be missing out on valuable traffic.

A right way of avoiding this scenario is adopting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMPs let you create mobile websites that load fast. The superb loading speed makes the site favored by the users and ranked higher by Google. 

You might have already mobile-optimized your site. But, if you haven’t yet, why delay more? 

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5. Focus On Content That Can Be On Featured Snippets

Snippets refer to that content box on the top of the list on the first search engine results page. According to Google, this snippet can let the users have competent and relevant answers.

40.7 percent of all voice-enabled search answers come from these featured snippets. And, the users also trust the snippets the most when searching for anything.

There are three strategies that you can use to come up in the featured snippets:

  • Use the long-tailed keywords as the focus of every content on your site.
  • Keep clear bulleted, headlined, or numbered texts in each content.
  • Prepare your content according to natural language processing.
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6. Try To Understand the Search Intent of Your Audience

One of the basic things to understand about SEO is the search intent of the user. Let’s explain this to you a bit farther with a simple example.

For instance, a user searching for “types of cannabis topicals” has a completely different intent than someone looking for “cannabis dispensary near me.” The latter is ready to buy cannabis from the nearest dispensary. The former wants to know more about cannabis topicals, following which he might decide to purchase the products or not.

In-depth knowledge about your audience is necessary to figure out their possible search intents. Once you understand, the content and keywords can be tailored as per your users’ preferences.

The Bottom Line

Get started on the SEO for your pharma website with the handy strategies mentioned above, and you will see the results for sure.

However, if you want faster and more refined optimization methods, it’s best to contact experienced digital marketers to formulate a sound SEO strategy for your business. Until that happens, the six tips that you got to know today are a great place to get started.

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