SEO is a vast topic. Many people are talking and writing stuff about SEO, but it’s a much broader topic than you think??

There is no definitive book of SEO as it often changes. For instance, some people say that a 300 words article is enough to rank well, and some say that you should write above 1000 words if you want to rank for the keywords.

Today we are going to talk about orphaned pages and why it isn’t good for SEO.

What is an Orphaned page?

An Orphaned page can be referred to as a page on your website that does not have any internal links pointing to it. 

In other words, Orphaned pages are site pages that are not connected to any other segment of your site. Thus search engines don’t have a clue where to go next for more data because your page isn’t linked to a more considerable amount of your site. 

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Here the question arises why we can’t have orphaned pages on our website.

If your primary goal on the website is to gain visibility, you must reduce the number of orphaned pages. 

Missing out on page traffic, maintenance, and income and harming your SEO achievement due to orphaned pages is something we don’t suggest doing. With the end goal for crawlers to discover your pages, they should be connected to different pages. 

How to discover and resolve orphaned site pages? 

  1. Make a list of your existing site pages. 
  2. Run a website audit for pages with zero inbound links. 
  3. Resolve the orphaned page by interlinking it to other pages on your website.

1. Make a list of your existing site pages 

By definition, orphaned pages are not connected to any page. 

The crawler will never discover them. Instead, you have to indicate the full list of site URLs so that it is easily found by the search engine bots. There are a couple of approaches to get the URL list: 

  • Utilize your sitemap document 

The sitemap is a document that is commonly created to help web crawler bots crawl and analyze your web page, how frequently you update it, and how to best surface your substance on web index results pages, or SERPs. 

When you include another page or post in your Content Management System (CMS), your sitemap is powerfully refreshed, thus ensure that your sitemap contains the full list of your pages before utilizing this procedure. 

  • Download a webpage URL list 

If a sitemap isn’t a choice – for instance, on the off chance that the sitemap doesn’t contain the full page list – you can produce the list of your website pages from your CMS. 

For example, on WordPress, you can introduce a lightweight module; for example, List URLs to send out a review of site URLs as a CSV record. Likewise, you can request that your IT team give you a duplicate of the CMS log that rundowns all the pages that were served to your website visitors.

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2. Run a website audit for pages with zero inbound links

To recognize orphaned pages, set up a tool that quickly finds the orphaned pages that don’t have any inbound links. Also, set up an automated website audit to get any new unlinked pages later on. Note that you’ll need to get an updated list from your CMS if you depend on the URL list. 

3. Resolve any orphaned page found 

When you comprehend what reason the orphaned page serves and how it can be interlinked with your site pages in driving your site and advertising objectives, you can figure out what step to take with the page: 

Add internal links to the page

It is a straightforward approach to add links to your page. In this technique, you are internally linking other pages to your website. In this way, you are making it more visible because when search engine crawlers index your pages, it follows the links reaching the targeted page.

PRO TIP: Connect your orphaned pages from other interior pages if it’s essential for website visitors to discover. 

Rerun the site audit occasionally to get new orphaned pages 

Since pages can get stranded after some time – by adding new substance and neglecting to connect to it, or by coincidentally expelling links to pages settled somewhere down in the site structure – it is critical to check the site occasionally for new issues.

How to detect Orphaned pages through Yoast Premium?

Here we are discussing it through an SEO plugin Yoast Premium.

Unfortunately, Yoast Free version doesn’t have this capability.

For finding the orphaned pages, you have to upgrade it to the premium version.

Ensure yoast premium is correctly installed and active on your WordPress website. Now head over to the posts section, you can clearly see the list of orphaned pages in your website. You can see the screenshot as a reference taken from our own website.


Search engines work on the algorithms to rank content. When there are billions of websites, it’s crucial to add authority to your pages. Earlier Google used to rank content based on page rank named after one of the co-founders at Google Mr. Larry Page. It was publicly available, but now it’s completely private, or we do not know the mechanism Google works to rank the content.

It’s essential to reduce the orphaned pages, and you will be amazed by the results after removing it.

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