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There is a girl named Ella, working in a hospital as an appointment setter. One day she got a call from a patient whose treatment was underway. She asked his name to search the history of his medical record on the hospital’s system. But because of an issue in the server, she could not get full details of the patient’s medical history in order to assign him a doctor and appointment time. Imagine, if the same thing would have happened in the situation of an emergency? The result could be devastating.

But now the scenario is changing, because hospitals are changing their way of working by introducing blockchain technology in their everyday operations.

Get to know about blockchain technology and its popularity

 In a simple world, blockchain technology is a more secure and reliable way to store the data and to share the data. In blockchain technology, data in the form of a block is shared among the computer cluster which is basically the connection of more than 2 computers in the LAN. That shared data can be seen by anyone who is part of that cluster, but the major catch here is, they can only see the data, not able to edit that.

Another thing which makes blockchain technology more popular is its unique capability to apply hash cryptography technique on the data, which makes it unchangeable. If the data contains the word, hi, then with the help of hash function, the algorithm makes is something like AE61266750D019063512516C7EE01968 which is, of course, hard to interpret.

Apart from this, in blockchain technology, each data block gets hash value from the previous data block. So in the cash of little change in one block’s hash value, all other data block becomes invalid. This property makes the data more secure.

Because of its dominant features, all major industry is now introducing blockchain technology in their business.

If we believe in numbers, then, in the year of 2018, our world has spent a total $2.1 billion in blockchain solution.

The number of blockchain related jobs posting on LinkedIn is tripled in last year.

69% of banks are currently experimenting with blockchain technology and it is expected that 33% of banks will adopt the blockchain technology by 2019.

Property of BlockChain Technology

  • Invariability

There is a special breed living on planet earth who is called hacker, whose prime motto of living is doing tampering with data. As we are going deeper in the 21st century, more cases of data breaching are popping up. But with the use of blockchain technology, data can remain at the safe distance from the hackers.

As I have shared earlier, the data contains in data blocks is secured with the help of cryptography. Apart from data, each data block also contains a unique value which is having a direct link with the value of the previous data block. This is how it creates a whole data chain which is impossible to breach.

  • Decentralization

There are certain drawbacks in centralize system over decentralize system. In a centralized system, all the data from a different location is store at one server place. This becomes extremely vulnerable to breach. Also, in the case of server maintenance, you will lose all the possible way to reach your valuable data.

While in blockchain technology, it uses the peer to peer network, not a client-server network. What happens in peer to peer network is, every computer which is connected in the LAN is work as a separate server. If you somehow cannot get data from one server, then you can easily get data from other servers.

  • Privacy

Although, in blockchain technology, there is no authority on anything. Data is totally open for everyone to see. But there is some privacy too. It does not reveal your personal information. For example, if you have transferred some amount of money to someone, it only reveals the amount, but not the names.

How does blockchain technology work?

Problems health care industry is now facing and how it can be solved by Blockchain technology.

 Problem 1: There is no proper way to keep the record of patients.

According to the WHO report, there are around 421 million people visit the hospital annually. Now, imagine, how hard it is for the health industry to keep these much of record. And somehow, if they can manage to store that record, what about the security of that record ?!

If we talk about a specific hospital, there are thousands of people visit the doctor through the front desk. Hospital has to manage all data of every single entry it witnesses. But it is a challenge.


 Adopting a blockchain solution can help hospitals to overcome patient data management problem. Hospital just has to upload the data of patients on the network, the connected computer will automatically validate the data and make it available to all other computers. As we talked earlier, this data is stored with hash function protection and it doesn’t have a limitation as tradition client-server approach has.

Not only data of patients, but by using blockchain technology, the hospital can manage the records of services available, medical insurance claims, and the data of patient which is collected by monitoring devices.

Problem 2: There is no proper way to validate the drugs

 According to HRFO, 10 to 20 % of drugs are fake in the market. The reason behind this ? of course, no proper way to validate it.


With the help of blockchain technology, every drug becomes traceable.

  • The manufacturer produces the drug and stores it on the blockchain.
  • The wholesaler verifies the origin of the product by using blockchain.
  • Then the pharmacist also can verify the origin of the product.
  • At last, the patient also verifies the origin of the product to determine whether the drug is real or fake.

Problem 3: Data of clinical experiment needs ultimate security and protection

Like the software industry, the health care industry is also the one which is going through the innovative phase. There are a lot of experiments happening in the health care industry and with every research, a lot of new data comes out. That data holds significant value for an organization. In the case of any modification happens in those data in the era of competitors, an organization has to suffer a big loss. So, the security of some important data is very crucial.


Blockchain comes with the ultimate protection policy. In the case of a little change in the data, it has to go through the validation from all the connected computers. This is how modifying data is extremely hard for anyone. Also, as we talked earlier, data is stored with a special hash value on it. A small change in the data can change the whole hash key which makes data more secure.       


After knowing what is blockchain technology and how its some of very handy security and storage features which will help a hospital or any health service provided organization to work with more productivity and more efficiency, just waiting for your ultimate decision to adopt it for your organization. ( It will apply on any industry where transaction happens.) 

About the author:  

Vishal Virani:

 Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development and the latest technology trends.

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By Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development and the latest technology trends.

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