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In today’s digital world, steady growth and consistent stream of revenue are next to impossible if you aren’t keen on investing in helpful business tools.

When you started your business, you may have been able to do many things on your own and do it pretty well. But after building a loyal customer base you can’t afford to put your reputation at stake. Leveraging certain business tools can not only protect your reputation but also help you boost your online sales.

We scoured the internet and found these 3 must-have business tools that are equally cherished by social media marketing experts and renowned digital marketing agencies.

1. FindThatLead

So you want to grow your business fast but don’t know how to find your target audience? FindThatLead offers a comprehensive databank of email addresses that you can download for prospecting. Is it legit? Actually, yes. All the emails generated through this tool are based on patterns or found on different websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

How does it work? Just set the variables (to make the search more accurate), add segmentation info and let FindThatLead do the rest. In addition to getting the leads you need, FindThatLead automatically verifies and export your contacts. This saves you so much time that you’ll start loving your leads.

Note: You can start off with the free Google Chrome extension of FindThatLead, in case, you’re low on the budget or don’t have a marketing crew.

2. UberSuggest

If you aren’t using UberSuggest yet, then now is a perfect time. This powerful keyword search tool is a must for anyone who is interested in competition analysis and SEO. It is likely that your competition may already be leveraging this tool because unlike other keyword search tools UberSuggest is 100% free.

It’s something that your digital marketing agency or partner will never tell you.

Upgraded and reinstated by Neil Patel, UberSuggest enables users to analyze information like keyword grouping, back analytics, ad keywords & creative researches, ads strategy analysis, position tracking, keyword grouping, social strategy insights, social media engagement analysis, and more.

3. Ahrefs

What if I tell you that Ahrefs is the best SEO and SEM tool out there. Why? Just because it gives all the information about competitors with the Site Explorer? Not really.

It also gives you the opportunity to discover where your competition is getting their traffic from, specific keywords on which they rank in Google Search, the number of backlinks and the ones that exactly links to their websites and much more.

You can even set ‘Alerts’ with the tool so every time a website receives a mention or ranks for a keyword somewhere on the web you’ll get an alert. Furthermore, you can use its ‘Content Explorer’ to find the most shared content on the web. It also shows you the keyword difficulty, which reflects how hard it is to rank against certain keywords.

So whether you own a digital marketing agency or a business, Ahrefs can prove really lucrative in increasing your online visibility and sales.

Time to Build Your Own Online Empire in 2019

An ideal way to grow your business is to leverage the same tools and solutions that major players in your industry are using. And that is exactly what you can do with each of the aforementioned tools. Make sure to try them out because this time next year, we might be discussing some new tools for 2020.

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