Looking forward you must try to discover what lies ahead in SEO to catch up with the upcoming trends and best practices around which you can build your SEO strategies. To dominate the search rankings, you must not only adhere to the best practices but also pay close attention to improving the user experience that remains critical as before in determining the fate of marketing campaigns.

How you could earn more revenue and improve the bottom line must be your only goal when implementing SEO for which you must align your campaign with some of the latest trends as discussed in this article.

Know your audience and understand user intent

Keeping in mind that user experience rules supreme you must understand your audience so well that you know exactly what they like or dislike. The better you know your audience easier it will be to understand the intent behind search queries.

By looking at the words and phrases used in search queries you should be able to understand what should be the correct answer by relating it to the intent or purpose behind the query. This should help to provide the most simple and complete answer that satisfies them.

The audience’s tastes, interests, and preferences can change abruptly, and you must keep a watch on them to stay aligned with their needs. This would ensure you serve the right content to the right audience that helps to gain mileage in SEO.  The fulfillment that the audience derives from the content will translate into Google rewarding your efforts, and the audience would be eager to invest in you.

Reach beyond Google Search

Although online marketing focuses on search engines to drive the campaign, the changing SEO landscape is compelling marketers to look beyond search engines and reach places where the audience frequents.

Users visit many other platforms besides search engines in their hunt for information as there are many other means of searching. Besides working for earning high ranks in search results, it becomes imperative for marketers to show up everywhere by following users and understanding their preferences.

If the audience prefers podcasts or inclined to search for apps, you need to take your campaign to those places and try to rank accordingly. Besides driving users to your website, you should think about gaining visibility in conversational interfaces like featured snippets. In addition, you must optimize for devices to capture the audience that favors voice searches.

Create superior content

According to the experts at Orlando SEO Kotton Grammer, Google is critically examining content to ascertain its quality as it has become evident from the algorithm updates in 2018. You must create content with depth in quality because it would surely outclass mediocre content and soar far above the rest in rankings as revealed in some surveys. And these websites performed exceptionally well with respect to the rewards earned from Google and the marketing achievements.

This trend will keep continuing in the current year and most likely will stay for many more years.  High-quality content receives wide appreciation from the audience and earns links from quality websites that enhance its authority as well as ranking prospects. If your content generates leads, answer a question, make a sale and help in link building, then you have achieved your goal of better performance.

Focus on structured data markup

Google is using AI (Artificial intelligence) extensively and to keep pace with it, you must focus on structured data wherever possible. Assuming that Google would make a move towards a world dominated by AI which would be a departure from its mobile-first philosophy, structured data would become the game changer.

AI thrives on faster data processing to ascertain the relations between content quickly and to facilitate smooth and quick crawling of web pages there is nothing better than structured data. In addition to structured markup, the contextual relationships between topics and user behavior are becoming a critical trend that marketers must become familiar with.

Enhance trustworthiness as well as expertise and authority

Google bases its search quality rating guidelines on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness which would continue to hold its importance.  It is as much important to create quality content as it is to establish authority in the subject as both things go hand in hand.

Just by writing authoritative content you cannot rank so easily if you do not establish your authority in the first place. Every piece of content that you distribute and promote must help in building your reputation and authority and not just please the audience.

Give emphasis to on-page optimization

On-page optimization will continue to hold its importance because companies can reap good rewards from it as established through various studies conducted in recent times. Link building does mean a lot, but on-page optimization provides returns that can simply delight marketers.

Create content that answers simple questions and respond to customer queries related to business promptly. Streamline the conversion process so that it is short enough to sustain the interest of users and use site maps to make navigation across the website a breeze. Reduce the load for procedural tasks and answering common questions that are also very basic in nature by using chatbots.

 Get ready for voice search

With voice search fast gaining popularity and despite the time not yet ripe for marketers to extract juice from it, staying prepared for it would make good sense. Therefore, you must include voice optimization strategy in your overall SEO strategy.

Voice search is going to gain more prominence in days to come as it is more convenient for users to place their searches in the way they speak naturally.  The impact would be much more on multilingual and multi-national websites because to cope with the demand of voice searches it is not enough to use a translator because the use would vary from country to country and also from dialect to dialect, region to region and social class.

There are lots more to do to stay tuned to the trends but doing the little as discussed above would provide the momentum on which you can build a stronger SEO campaign.



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