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Social Media and SEO

SEO and social media marketing are two interlinked strategies! Both these strategies are inbound and concentrate on developing an interesting brand identity, which draws in more online users organically. It is a known fact that social media depends on a large brand presence and good quality content. However, the SEO initiatives that you take could enhance your overall social media presence and reach. And most SEO experts and online marketers will suggest that a strong presence in social media will maximize your search ranks.

According to Econsultancy’s State of Search Marketing Report 2013, in which 74% of companies and 82% of agencies surveyed said that social media is either somewhat or highly integrated into their SEO strategy.

However, sometimes, when online marketers talk about the relevance of social media in Google rankings, they tend to overlook the essential details. Instead of emphasizing on the way social media can enhance SEO, the benefits of social media get presented generically. And that makes business houses and companies fail to tap into social media’s potential.

It is here that you need an expert SEO and online marketing agency to help you. To know more about this, you can get in touch with SEO Company New York and get professional assistance.

Do you want to know the way social media can help to boost your SEO? If yes, then you can rely on the four crucial practice or strategies discussed below:

1. Increase your follower count

Your overall connection and follower count in your social media profile will have a specific impact on online ranks. If there is a brand with as many as 100 followers on Twitter, it will not get the ranking bonus that a huge MNC with million followers Twitter and Facebook will get. But it comes with specific stipulations.

Google has a way to scan through your follower list and quality. It means if you purchase a proxy follower count, then there wouldn’t be much boost to the search engine rankings. You might have to get the high follower count organically.

It is essential to know that expanding your follower count is a gradual process. However, if you stay consistent, you will attain it eventually. You need to present your brand unique to your online audience at large.

You have to make regular posts to keep the audience engaged. You need to post and share a meaningful article that addresses customer pain points and gives them relevant data to count on. It will keep your online audience engaged on your social media page.

The more they spend time on your social media profile, the more online conversations you will have. And it will gradually lead to conversions and more organic traffic.

2. You need to encourage the inbound external links

Social media is useful as it promotes the inflow of external sites that get linked to your content. When that happens, you will have increased access to various external links. Naturally, it will give you better domain authority for Google. To get here, you need to start with authentic and high-quality content. Else, you will fail to attract useful links.

When you have this objective in mind, your social media account will act as an essential broadcasting channel. Your original content should be useful and informative. It then acts as a medium to attract other users.

The social channels here will work the platform to place your content in front of the ones who need it. Also, you need to make smart use of hashtags as that provides increased visibility for the initial syndication rounds. You should also share all your content with any visible communication and comment thread. It will enhance your social reputation and give you the scope to get an external link source.

3. You need to optimize your social media post for search purpose

This strategy depends to a great extent on the earlier content. Other than your knowledge-graph entries and news articles, Google usually has an affinity for the prominent social media updates that get ranked in the top SERPs. It is a temporary place that you might want to attain by ensuring that you optimize your social media posts.

Here you will need a potent anchor for the post. It could be an infographic post or a video blog that contains relevant information. It will act as a solid foundation, to which you must add an appropriate title as well.

As you post this, you can create the foundation using an optimized text for specific search types. For instance, if your post is an in-depth article about the best techniques to make raisin cookies, make sure to frame this with important queries such as – “Do you know what makes the perfect raisin cookie?”  Here you can add all the seasonal keywords as that will enhance your search rankings.

4. Impact the practice of social sharing

Just like external links, even social sharing adds to the domain authority of a brand. With Google, even the slightest sign of an authentic external source that validates your content/brand is enough to enhance the domain authority. Hence, if five people share your post on Facebook, its good. However, if you can bring about 1000 people who want to share the same, the results are going to be excellent.  Simply put likes, replies, shares, and retweets everything adds to your domain authority.

The ideal way to get social sharing is to request for the same directly. For instance, your brand or company can provide a certain reward to the people who would share a specific post for your new product launch. The prize could be a discount coupon or a free eBook and the like.

Additionally, you can also opt-in for interactive surveys that will motivate people to react to your post by liking it, just in case they agree to what you have to offer. They can also like the post if they are impressed with the survey objective or results. The survey itself is the content of its own kind.

This strategy is a self-perpetuating one. When more people like or share your post, it will naturally get you increased followers, and the cycle will go on.

These are the four simple social media guidelines that can help you boost your SEO. Your brand gets more visible online, and your customer base also increases with time.



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