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Top 6 Factors to Consider While Evaluating SSL Certificate Companies

How to Quickly Evaluate SSL Certificate Companies

So, if you own an e-commerce website or a blogging website, you know the importance of the SSL certificate and its crucial role in safeguarding your overall performance of your website.

SSL/TLS certificate is considered as the backbone of the security of any online shopping website or an e-commerce website annually. One of the vital roles of SSL is it keeps all the online shopping transaction safe. All the personal data is stored and transmitted very secretly so that no cybercriminals could misuse the customer’s information.

However, all website owners should know how to evaluate the SSL certificate when buying carefully. It depends on your requirement what type of SSL you need. Here, in this article, we give you a detailed explanation of the factors you should consider while evaluating SSL certificate companies.

Often, all the website owners have a common question to ask while considering which SSL to buy. There are many reputed certificate authorities who offer the most authenticated SSL. As well there are many resellers who provide budget SSL as per business or individual requirement.

But what are the most things a buyer should look while deciding SSL certificates companies? In this article, we have mentioned the essential features you should evaluate SSL certificate companies.


The first step is you should learn about the reputation of the Certification Authority. The browsers recognize almost all CA. Besides, SSL certificate selection depends upon the potential number of domains and business budget of an e-commerce website.

Select an SSL company that provides the best trust. This means that e-commerce websites use SSL certificates to offer not only trust but also the safety and security for their customers. Also, the customers also recognize the SSL company name too. It will help to boost your company sales and even brand reputation.


You should always find cost-effective SSL solution as there are many best SSL certificate deals out there.  Make sure to provide the customers with the affordability and the flexibility to choose among the various SSL certificates. If you are a small business owner or running a blog then, pricing is the foremost concern for you. In case of large organizations, you may have multiple domains and to secure them all, you need multi-domain SSL certificate. On other hands, if you are having an e-commerce store then EV SSL would be a great choice. Both, multidomain and EV SSL come at little bit high price compare to other types of SSL.

Money Back Guarantee:

You should also look for money back guarantee option which can be given in case of cancelation of a digital certificate by a certificate authority (CA). You can see that different CAs offer amount of refund on their SSL certificates. Generally, it comes with 30 days period and if you do not like purchased SSL then you can use this feature and get back your money. So, always look for money back guarantee when you try to select the SSL product. This clearly explains the level of professionalism and responsibility towards customer satisfaction.

By Specifications:

At the time of purchasing a digital certificate, you will see different features that come with a certificate. Few of them issuance time, site seal, server compatibility, server license, refund policy etc. You should check all these features while buying an SSL certificate. There are little features that may differ from product to product, let’s say, site seal comes in EV product and DV product may be differ. The other feature is a money back warranty which also differs product to product.

Technical Support Services:

Customer support is a backbone of any company, if you are not offering satisfactory support, your customers may leave in the near future. In the same way, SSL/ TLS certificate also requires technical support as many customers like you are purchasing first time and do not know anything about it. A satisfied customer may return to the website again. You should check whether the SSL provider is helping in SSL purchase, renewal, configuration, and installation activity. Apart from this, the chat support team is also available 24/7 to help you out with SSL and its domain.

Free Services:

There are many resellers who offer a huge discount on SSL certificate and as a customer, you should not miss this opportunity. Offers may be for renewal, purchase or adding extra domains to your certificate. Many SSL providers also offer extra days if you renew with them when you intend to renew it earlier before SSL expiry. Moreover, A free site seal and vulnerability scanning is also an advantage for your website that will keep your site secure on a daily base and helps to gain customers’ trust towards your website.


From the above to-do list, you can be sure to buy an SSL/ TLS certificate at an economical price with the maximum feature and of course from authenticating certificate authorities. In the end, I would like to suggest one reputed reseller naming CheapSSLShop. When you buy SSL certificate from CheapSSLShop the major benefits pass to you are price, brand image, excellent customer services, and other additional features. So, select the required services carefully. Happy Shopping to you!!

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