There is no such thing as perfect in graphics designs. What the eyes of your viewers feel interesting is perfect. Whatever you create must be worth catching attention, and making viewers give it at least a few seconds of staring. If your graphics are not worth captivating this kind of attention for at least a couple of seconds, then it’s not up to the mark yet.

The dependency of digital marketing on graphical designs

Digital marketing teams and agencies find it comfortable to work with websites when features, designs, and things about the website are positive. Much of the time goes behind modifying many elements in a website before it’s deemed fit for promotion. One of the things much important in this list is the graphics. If the graphics used in the website is not the right one to look at, doesn’t fit the theme, doesn’t look nice or appealing to the eyes, is too loud to bear or too subtle to notice, then these are all problem elements.

In such a case, the website must be made to look better first, and then promotions for it should be started. Marketing experts say that it’s very important to improve the looks of the webpage along with all other elements like on-page SEO, content quality, etc. Everything has its importance and a big role to play. When all these elements are proper, then only their collective effect on the viewers makes positive things happen. That’s why, to improve the graphics of a website in the initial stages or rather ensure the development of the website with proper apt graphics, is part of the digital strategy. Here are some of the most important features in graphics discussed, which designers these days are using in their projects.

The use of bright and vivid colors

Vivid colors look lovely if you combine them into a nice graphic. That’s why graphic designers love to use vivid and attractive colors in their designs. The use of bright yellow, pinks, corals, blues, and dark ones helps fetch the eyes on to them. The use of contrast colors in dark hues looks very catchy. The proportionate use of such combinations along with simple, plain, low tone backgrounds looks intensely eye captivating.

Bold typography

The use of bold and big fonts is a great way to attract eyes and make them stick to the text. It’s otherwise difficult to bring eyes of visitors to the textual content. But when the text itself looks too inviting for being abstract, big, bold, and from multiple direction and dimensions, with depth and tones and gradients, etc., then who would miss the text. That’s why the use of strong typography is great graphical use in making a webpage or piece of graphics look loud and attention seeking.

It’s not just that bold fonts look good or make it look catchy, but bold fonts have another great use. They are easy to read for people of all ages, and especially for those who are optically weak. Children are habituated in reading bigger fonts and enjoys reading better with larger text size. Aged people do feel relieved to get something easier to read with larger text. Although the number of seniors and children would be a small part of the site traffic, yet they can’t be ignored. Also, many visually challenged people using high power eyeglasses do use the web a lot.

Designs made from futuristic ideas

A little sci-fi type, futuristic designs amazingly dominate senses. Futuristic designs always catch attention. People would take time to pause and look at the design, and fantasize it in reality. Many of the ideas that they predicted in the past are now a reality, and many such tech stuff is being used by the man now. Similarly, many futuristic ideas they are sharing now would also stay and get materialized in the future.

Transition of colors

The use of a gradient in abstract, sudden, and smooth forms have always worked in catching the attention. Viewers do look back at gradients and take time to analyze the change in color and the use of colors in the graphics. This is what you have to use to ensure you can get one to stare at the graphic, and in the meantime, present the story or idea too with it.


Imperfections can sometimes look beautifully eye-captivating, and attention grappling. That is why the use of imperfections in text, pattern, picture, color, and everything can be subtly mixed with the graphic to create something creative. Many designers try this, and this great user attention over time. Instead of looking at a perfect thing for more time, people try to find out why is something imperfect when the glitch is so very prominent and noticeable.


Reflections look great if you have the creative way to show them. Reflection of a colored thing in black and white or dots, or reflection of a pattern, or a holographic form of the image, all look great.

Geometric designs

Geometry always makes you turn to the graphics and look at it. The interesting way things follow a pattern and look so much in symmetry with the use of geometry has always been captivating senses for man. That’s why the use of geometric designs on graphic designing for the websites always makes something nice.

There is no right and wrong way

When it’s about graphics, there is simply no pattern, right and wrong way, and no set formula too. Things keep on changing with the changing thoughts of the creator. That’s why the graphic designer enjoys the ultimate flexibility and freedom in creations. Hence graphic designs can reach the peak of innovation.


A big percentage of the online marketing success of a website depends on the graphics of the site. That’s why the job of the graphics designer is very important in making the site and its content look charming, nice, interesting, and captivating. In case your website is not looking great, your marketing agency can always help you get things modified for better viewer response.



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