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Finding a good, catchy and cool domain name is like naming your victory. People are using digital platforms for marketing and to get a grip on customer sentiment faster. In the beginning, all you need to have a website with a unique domain name of your company.

A good and unique domain can help your business grow. In this Era of technology, online success is also very essential and it will have a big impact on your business. Small businesses with no assets can also get tremendous growth through digital platforms.

You are going to be happy to know some tools that will help you in searching for the best domain name for your business. There are many name suggestion tools in the market but, in this article, I have compiled 5 tools that I highly recommend you to find the best domain with your seed keywords or ideas.

So, let’s get started!

1. Domainsbot

It is a domain suggestion tool. The most trusted and easy to use tool in the market. It uses your keyword and gives you a pleasant and best domain name for your business. It will show you some domains list directly from SEDO and Go Daddy along with the prices. This tool provides domains in 11 different languages and that will be relevant to your domain as well.


Highlighted Features

  • Domain Name suggestions in 11 different languages
  • Advance analytic tool
  • Domain suggestion API for developers
  • Personalised Dash Board
  • worthy for hosting companies


2. Business Name Generator by Shopify

Business Name Generator has been developed by Shopify. This tool will show you many domain name ideas and instantly check availability for your domain. It is more creative in suggesting domain as comparing to others. Business Name Generator shows you all the domains with .com only. It is more useful for the E-Commerce business. You can also register for your domain on the spot in Business Name Generator Tool.

Business Name Generator by Shopify

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • 100+ options to choose from
  • Suitable for E-commerce websites
  • Can reserve your domain name


3. Namemesh

It is a better option if you have multiple keywords in your mind and you would like to include them in your domain. Try to give spaces between keywords for better results. They have divided domains into many categories like Common, New, Short Extra, Similar, SEO, Fun and Mix. After inputting your keywords, it will give you a huge list of domains and you can select TLD’s domains of your choice.

Name Mesh

Highlighted Features

  • Good for start-ups or fresh business
  • Multiple keywords in a single search
  • Too many categories
  • Can generate over from 6 million words
  • Social Media Availability


4. Panabee

Panabee is the most popular tool to give to suggest an alternative name. This tool is also very useful if you are looking for domains associated with your personal name.

You can search domain, company and app names in this tool. If your personal domain name is taken, Don’t Worry! It will come up with other suggestions related to your domain idea by using suffixes, Prefixes, abbreviations and a lot more. Panabee suggests extensions and also supports international extension.


Highlighted Features

  • Shows price for purchasing each domain
  • Social media availability
  • Give International domain names such as .co, .uk
  • Convenient for international business

5. Lean DomainSearch

Lean Domain Search shows you availability for .com domain names only. In this tool, you can share and save your search history. It allows you to hold your domain name. Get fast results with LeanDomainSearch. You can register your domain name right from the search tool.

Lean Domain Search

Highlighted Features

  • 1000+ domain name from the keywords
  • You can sort results by alphabetical or popularity
  • Generate a lot of names within a short period
  • Only .com domains are available

Tips For Choosing Domain
What little things you should keep in mind while choosing your domain. Your domain name is your first impression and there are so many reasons to choose your domain carefully. What things you should avoid and what you must have are as follows:-

  • The domain name should be unique and creative so that you can stand out from the rest.
  • Always try to make your domain name short and clear, easy to remember and spell, so that people can easily remember your domain name.
  • Avoid using Hyphens and numbers, if you are using hyphens, do not use it more than two.
  • Research your keywords.
  • Choose keywords that describe your website or business.
  • Target area if your business is local.
  • Check availability on Social Media Sites and trademark.
  • Use domain name generating tools like Name mesh, Domainsbot etc for best results.


Hopefully, these 5 tools and tips will help you to get the right domain for your website. Choose your niche; set your seed keywords and you are ready to use these tools. I hope the above information about the tools and it features helps you to get started on the web. If you think this list needs to be edited, let me know by commenting in the comment section. Please share your experience with us to improve this article in the near future.

Good Luck!

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