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All affiliate marketers want to generate more revenue from their website. In the beginning, it’s hard to find users who would turn into potential buyers. Consider the example of Frontier. It offered value to its customers with its Frontier bundle prices. You need to offer value to your customers too. That’s the only way they will click through your referral link. Since you are just selling someone else’s products, with the right set of WordPress plugins, you can make your affiliate marketing campaign successful.

Here is a list of the 10 best WordPress plugins prepared for you to manage your affiliate venture and improve its performance:

#1: Better Links Pro

It’s a fairly new plugin that allows you to do a number of things along with shortening the affiliate links. With its post editor or link creation screen, you can reduce the length of the links. If you want, you can also replace a keyword on your website using the affiliate link.

This plugin also allows you to do a split test between different links to see which one converts the best. In this way, you can make more money. In case your affiliate program requires sending visitors to a country-specific page, it does that automatically based on their location. It’s not a free plugin, though. The starting price is $27.

#2: ManageWP

Like most marketers, if you have more than one affiliate website, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble with ManageWP. It allows you to manage all your WordPress websites from a single location. That means you don’t have to flip between different dashboards of different sites.

The features that you will get your hands on include client reports, SEO analysis, clone wizard, scheduled backups, and more. The pricing on the plugin depends on the number of sites you will manage and the features required.

#3: Constant Contact

Most visitors who have come to your blog today probably will never come again. It happens and this is exactly why you must work on converting them into your email subscribers. In fact, it is important that you build your email list as soon as you get started. To do that, Constant Contact is the best plugin. It is quite user-friendly. You can get started on it for free.

#4: Outreach Plus

All affiliates marketers must know the importance of outreach email. There is a plugin that can help you with that. It’s called Outreach Plus. It lets you efficiently run and manage your outreach campaigns. You will do it all from a single dashboard.

It allows you to automate sending personalized emails to your affiliates. It comes with a nice set of features such as email tracking, smarter follow-ups, automated replies, auto personalization, etc. Also lets you add more than one email accounts and manage everything from a single inbox. It’s will help you get more backlinks, connect with influencers, generate traffic, press mentions and build authority.

#5: ThirstyAffiliates

This affiliate link management tool is a blessing. Lets you manage the affiliate links inside your blog. It allows you to quickly insert cloak links, links in posts and auto insert links in your blog. It also lets you view how each of your affiliates is performing. Then, on the basis of this information, you can make further changes.

#6: Affiliate WP

Affiliate WP allows you to create a fully self-hosted affiliate program for the affiliate product you are trying to sell. It is extremely easy to use. It also offers seamless integration with product purchase. You can track the sales of your product efficiently.

#7: WP Forms

This is a great plugin for creating a contact form for WordPress affiliate website. It is a well-known fact that customers buy products they are familiar with. If you add a contact form on your website, it will make it easier for you to reach out to your customers. You can integrate the form with any email marketing service. This will allow you to build connections with your visitors. And later on, you can recommend your users products and convince them to make buy them.

#8: AdSanity

AdSanity lets you insert network ads and self-hosting ads on your affiliate website. You will have a variety of display options to choose from such as widgets, shortcodes and template tags. You can check the graphical statistics on these ads and see which one is performing well and which isn’t.

It also allows you to create custom ads and display them on your website by using widgets. This plugin is indeed a great ad management tool to keep your site organized. You will have more control over displaying the ads.

#9: EasyAzon

This plugin allows you to add Amazon affiliate links from the WP post editor. You don’t have to go to Amazon for creating the links. You can apply the settings on the page or the entire. It’s Pro Version gives you access to features such as popups, add to cart, localization, product information blocks, buy buttons, and more.

#10: OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher plugin is meant for those who use banner ads on their blog/website for promoting affiliate products. It provides you access to all functions required to sell an ad. Most affiliate marketers use this plugin for managing and rotating their affiliate banners. You can use this single plugin on multiple WordPress websites.

Summing Up

These plugins are very easy to use and they are not that expensive. They will help you a lot in making your website functional, manageable, and efficient. And of course, you will then attract more visitors and increase the chances of generating more revenue. But don’t randomly start using these plugins. Instead, evaluate them just like you would evaluate different Frontier Internet packages and pick the most appropriate one.

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