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Table of Content:

1. Introduction

2. Top 5 PHP Development Tools that Every Web Developer Needs!

2.1 NetBeans

2.2 Eclipse PDT

2.3 NuSphere PhpED

2.4 Zend Studio

2.5 AWS Cloud 9

3. Conclusion

1. Introduction

With the rise of PHP, we need to walk along with its latest trends and it includes using the best PHP development tools for the project. PHP IDE is the fundamental tool that you need to get on working with PHP programming.

There are several IDEs available in the market, that include free as well as paid tools, however, choosing one among these many options can be a tricky task. It is completely fine to work with PHP programming tools in a basic text editor, such as notepad, but it is better to start with a feature-rich and complete PHP IDE such as NetBeans.

However, when people hear PHP, they wonder why is it gaining popularity among developers as well as businesses, thus I have been hustling through several posts, and among those, one of the posts by eTatvasoft has caught my attention, as they have not just explained how to hire PHP developers in India but what are the best PHP development tools to take into account as well.

Also, they have discussed some of the tools like PHPStorm, ScriptCase, NetBeans, Sublime Text, and Aptana Studio for professional web development. However, the dilemma is which one is the best PHP IDE that is filled with multiple features and functionalities using PHP programming support.

The integrated development environment is considered as a developer’s open area and to change it you require to put effort and time upfront to determine the PHP web development tools that most perfectly match your project requirements.

And to decide which one is best, you need to determine your necessities, like, and have the needed supplies. It is not a terrible approach to work on some before settling on one of them.

You will find several PHP editors out there that are supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac and are available for free download. If you are a student web developer, starting to learn PHP, it is best to start with an advance with easily on-hand PHP coding software such as NetBeans, VIM, Atom, or Eclipse PDT.

Apart from them, enterprise developers can also use these free IDEs. However, there are practical and business-related IDEs available. They are highly preferred and are supported by enterprises, maintaining the most current set of functionalities and excellent features.

The most beneficial IDEs in 2021 for PHP Programming include PHPStorm, Zend Studio, Sublime Text, PHP Designer, PHPED, and Cloud 9. Let’s discuss some of them in detail to determine which one will be best for your upcoming projects.

2. Top 5 PHP Development Tools that Every Web Developer Needs!

2.1 NetBeans

NetBeans is a PHP IDE originally designed as open-source through Sun Microsystems and after that handled by Oracle. It is now going to Apache and is known as Apache NetBeans.

It was first created for Java development and was slow, but the latest version is supportive of  PHP development services and quicker compared to the previous one. It claims to be installed 18+ million times and has the largest population of developers operational on an open-source IDE.

Also, with its help, you can generate large-scale web apps utilizing NetBeans, and it also maintains a variety of languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, and Portuguese.  Besides, it has great support sources for the popular PHP frameworks such as Zend, Smarty Doctrine, and Symfony2. 

Moreover, it practices Laravel-IDE-helper to maintain Laravel and facilitate support for other frameworks such as FuelPHP, CakePHP, Yii, and WordPress CMS.

The best characteristics of NetBeans such as getter setter period, effective project management, smart code completion, and editing, fast resolving activities, information, code templates, and refactoring is the cause why it is so successful.

2.2 Eclipse PDT

Eclipse PDT is a profoundly utilized Open Source PHP Development Tools is an open-source choice without immediately costing you. Eclipse has a huge association of developers operating on all kinds of plugins, essential to authorize Eclipse with characteristics that any other most reliable PHP IDE like Storms PHP, NetBeans, and Zend studio has to give.

It is a somewhat difficult job from the start to get moving with Eclipse as opposed to other business-related IDEs though its application is deserving of the funds it collects for you.

It conserves licenses which are the most significant addition if you request for an evaluation among Eclipse PDT and PHPStorm or Zend Studio. For old version Eclipse followers, the use of Eclipse PDT is way easier than they thought.

Some people consider that Eclipse is slow and, to be frank; it is time-consuming when you work with system form while other business-related outcomes comparatively become superior.

However, the primary laptop configuration these times is of high quality to operate Eclipse fast enough for avoiding you perceiving any lags.

2.3 NuSphere PhpED

PhpED is a proprietary integrating PHP development tool created by NuSphere. This PHP IDE includes an exceptional PHP compiler, Profiler, PHP debugger, database customer, and code insight.

This service affords developers various tools and tweaks to make the complete web development process less tiring.

With the maintenance of the popular PHP accelerator, PhpExpress, PhpEd speeds up the app development method. This IDE is an excellent opportunity to develop complicated websites and web applications.

It encourages JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3 and allows extensive assistance for PHP 7.1. Its refactoring abilities enable developers to update their code. PhpED lets developers work through popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, and Yii.

Some of the PhpED features:

  • Stimulate PHP apps with PhpExpress.
  • Provision for composite file extensions.
  • Parallel Debugging.
  • Complete integration with PHPUnit.
  • Refactoring of PHP code.

2.4 Zend Studio

Zend Studio is one of the best marketing PHP IDE from the development business of the company called Zend and targets expert web developers.

Zend as a group gives all the things comprising PHP functionalities and has a large number of clients using one or other products that serves PHP development with an excellent breeze.

Its top customers incorporate companies such as DHL, BNP Paribas Credit Suisse, and Agilent Technologies. Zend Studio is equipped on Windows, OS X, and Linux and runs on the latest PHP versions including PHP 7.

Zend Studio attains an intuitive user interface and provides most of the up-to-date characteristics and tools that give support to speed up PHP and web development with many ideas.

These are a few features of Zend Studio:

  • Faster execution in indexing, validation, and searching PHP code
  • Debugging with Xdebug, Zend Debugger, and alliance with Z-Ray
  • Keep up the Eclipse plugins ecosystem, Docker and Git Flow support
  • An intelligent code editor that helps PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Deployment sustenance that added cloud provider for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Support for PHP 7 express movement and perfect integration with Zend server

An effective feature of Zend is its assistance for mobile application development on the top of real PHP apps and server system backend.

2.5 AWS Cloud 9

AWS Cloud 9 is a cloud-based PHP IDE. In this IDE you have the ability to code, complete, and debug your code utilizing your browser. It is a perfect solution and includes a code editor, debugger, and terminal. The best element is that all you require is an internet-connected device to practice it, your place doesn’t involve at all.

This open-source cloud PHP IDE is for PHP and web application development as well as it presents a development setting for a number of programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, and Python.

It has pre-set development tools and settings that the PHP developers can practice to begin coding quickly and generate web applications with characteristics such as live preview and browser adaptability testing.

The developers cooperate with their partners with collaborative coding or programming backgrounds. This indicates that developers can bestow their development settings with their companions and fellow developers. It also enables them to match a program with co-workers or team members and follow real-time data.

The best component about utilizing Cloud  9 is that it allows you to create and perform serverless apps, determine resources, and debug remotely. Creating a serverless application is easy and they can code in their browser with no problems.

3. Conclusion

Every tool discussed in this post is completely prepared with excellent characteristics and abilities that enable you to generate PHP websites speedily and easily. However, remember that these PHP development tools are not the only ones in the market.

There are a plethora of them including paid and free PHP tools! However, the tools prepared in this post are the ‘top 5 PHP development tools that every developer must know as they suffice every condition of your project. Also, the latest PHP IDEs are being introduced every day; it is always better to know the latest trends in PHP.

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