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More and more women start their own businesses these days. Starting a new business means a need for capital, and one way to get capital is from an investor. Whether you are trying to get your capital from an investment bank, equity, or from a private investor, one of the most nerve-wracking and important aspects is wondering how to dress during your investment pitch.

We all know an image is very important and can play a key role in whether or not someone decides to invest in you. I’ve seen women make the mistake of trying to tone their beauty down to dress more like a man thinking that will get them more respect. The fact is that we should embrace and recognize the advantages we have with our femininity.

Men never expect us to look like men. They expect us to be women. (And, in this case, smart businesswomen.) To take the pressure off your first investor meeting, let me share a few style tips with you that might help you to own who you are and get the money you need.

Go for classy elegance

It’s a no-brainer to know that you should look presentable and classy in any general meeting. If you are seeking an investment, you should up your game and really think about what you are wearing. To look classy and elegant, go for neutral tones with sleek lines and minimal patterns. You can add a pop of color that can come from your belt or a handbag or shoes.

For example, you can wear a grey colored suit with a white blouse and a mustard-yellow belt, handbag, and shoes. This way, you look very elegant but not boring. At the end, who wants to work with boring people?

Business makeup

Makeup can be a very tricky thing for many women. If you are not good at makeup, have it done by someone professional. It is a mistake to assume that the more natural you look, the more seriously you will be taken. The right makeup should make you look fresh, youthful, and pleasant. People love looking into pleasant faces; it’s welcoming. Steer clear from wearing bold lipstick but remember to have your lips lined with a lip liner so that when you articulate your speech comes across more clear.

For eyes, the best shades are brown, tope, and beige They go with every complexion and outfit. Don’t be afraid to add some blush. Flushed cheeks enhance your feminine side.

Business nails

I still see women wearing French tips, and that is very outdated. That style has been out for a long time. Your nail polish should be a solid color, ideally a neutral tone. Depending on your skin tone, it can range from beige to light pink to dark brown. Also, ensure that your nails are not too pointy and have a medium length to them.

What about jewelry

Wearing a ring or two on your hands is okay but wearing too much on your hands can distract from your presentation. Instead of bracelets, wear only a watch because bracelets tend to move around and make noise. If you have a fine chain that reaches just below your collar bone, it will make your outfit look more put together.

Stay away from statement pieces and long, hanging chains, as they can also serve as a distraction and can bump into the table as you lean over your laptop during your presentation. I prefer to stay away from earrings, as they are almost on your eye level, and if they are too shiny, they will distract people subconsciously from your eyes whether you realize it or not. If you must wear earrings, wear small, simple studs that sit flat on your earlobe. If you have long hair and wear it down, you do not need earrings.

Your hair

Your hair should look chic. Depending on your haircut, it could be anything from a sleek bob to a half-up, half-down look if your hair is longer. There shouldn’t be too many loose pieces of hair dangling around your face. Your hair should be clean. Stay away from hair that is too wavy or big; if your hair is mid-length, you can always do a very slight wave with straighter ends. Remember, with hair, it is all about looking healthy and clean.


Never wear too much perfume. Less is more. There have been many cases where people won’t work with someone who wears too much perfume, especially if they are allergic to fragrance. Look for a scent that is clean, fresh, and light. It is absolutely fine to not wear any perfume. You should have a light hint of a nice fragrance without overdoing it.

Once you get to your investor meeting, one of the most important things to remember is to be on time. Timeliness says a lot about you already. Have your handshake be very firm and be sure to look into one’s eyes as you are shaking their hand. And as many people say, the nicest accessory a woman can wear is her smile. That’s also true in this case. But be careful, don’t mistake a genuine smile with a giggle.  It’s really about confidence. Follow my style tips, and you are on the path to success for your investor meeting.

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By Pete Campbell

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