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You bought a new brand shiny phone, and after a few months, you realize it isn’t working as fast and efficient as it used to be. Well, this is the common issue the majority of smartphone users face, and the issue isn’t just limited to budget phones, but a few high-end devices also face occasional slow down after months of usage. To cure this, many of us try installing or uninstalling apps to make run our phones faster, but still, it feels bloated and in much need of getting extra care.

Thankfully, there are a few smart tips you can try to get your smartphone running back as it used to perform when brand new. Get ready to give your device a spring clean with the following best practices.

Remedies to Speed up Smartphone

1. Update the Operating System

An operating system update is a security update, issued to protect your phone against vulnerabilities that might be exploited by. You must check your phone for system update and install when they are released. If you fail to update it to the latest version, you wouldn’t be able to access new features and this will also slow down your phone performance.

2. Root your device

Rooting is a process that allows smartphone users to attain root access to the Android OS code––the equivalent term ‘jailbreaking’ for Apple devices. The process gives you privileges to change the software code or install other software on the device that the manufacturer wouldn’t allow you to. So, if you have an old model phone, you need not worry and still, you can update it to the latest version. The best part of rooting is that a user can access new features just away from a click, without the need to visit his or her carrier.

3. Kill the viruses and malware

If you’re a smartphone user, once at least you must have become the victim of viruses or malware responsible for slowing down your phone’s performance.

But did you know from where these viruses come from? Malicious apps are the biggest reason to welcome these threats, so be careful when downloading any. Always make sure you download apps from trusted third-party providers or Google Playstore.  Moreover, when entering your personal details to install these apps, be aware of answering any information that seems suspicious to you. And to remove malware from the phone, either you need to update your device or completely reset it.

4. Free up space

Regular cleaning of smartphones removes viruses soon they enter the device to make it perform better. Same as you free your laptop from unnecessary files, your phone may need the same to avoid being sluggish if too much stuff is saved inside it. Remember, the more crowded your phone becomes; the harder it will become to search important files, images or other data when you need them most.

Furthermore, you must install apps like Clean Master or CCleaner that help clean your device just away from a click. These apps also perform virus scans alerting you to remove malicious files from your device for better performance.

5.    Keep your phone’s battery in good shape

Overcharging wastes battery capacity. There is a myth that the more frequently you charge your phone long, the better it will perform. Here you need to follow some best scientifically proven phone charging practices.

  • Draining battery to o% and then put it on the charge to 100% is the worst idea–– Avoid zero and100% full cycle.
  • Put your phone on charge when it is 75%.
  • Avoid overnight charging.
  • Heat is the battery killer.
  •  Use fast charging technologies.

Furthermore, if you have a phone15 months older or more, you must have seen changes in the performance of the battery that doesn’t seem as good as it was before when newly bought. Usually, after a year, users start noticing issues with their batteries to last long, on a single charge. Unfortunately, batteries decline with age and that you can’t avoid but if you take care of charging practices the life of your battery could prolong.

6. Add extra storage

Adding too much data could slow down your device performance. Never bulk your phone with photos, music, videos, and other content. Because this stuff is heavy and takes a lot of space, it slows down your phone, and later you’ll end up deleting everything. But if needed, you must add extra storage by inserting an SD card, so there’s no need to remove anything important.

Final thoughts

No matter which brand phone you’re using, it is advisable to keep it protected 24/7 as it is more prone to threats and security flaws. Also, never open attachments/links send by unknown senders.

In this article, we have highlighted the basics of speeding up your phone and keeping it safe for long. However, there are other useful things a user can do to optimize their device performance.

Your turn

Now we’d like to ask you. Do you have anything important to share with us? If yes, tell us in the comment section below. Also, if you’re looking to purchase a new smartphone, do check Samsung, Huawei, and Infinix phone prices in Pakistan.

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